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Rear seats unlatched warning

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I will move the middle seats forward to carry my bike in the back of the car. But it's really annoying that the rear seats unlatched warning comes up every time I switch from Drive to Reverse or visa versa. I get that the warning should be shown when changing from Park to Drive the first time but having to clear the warning every time when i'm trying to park is quite distracting as the warning covers the reverse camera.

Is there anyway to turn it off?
I don't quite understand. I only see this warning if the seats are in an upright position, but not latched (usually this is because my arm bumped the button used for folding when I was removing a child car safety seat). If you have latching seats, they must be folding, and if they are folding, folding them would disable the warning. Is there a reason you aren't folding them to put your bike in?
It seems @mxnym is referring to the REAR folding seats while @wombat to the moveable MIDDLE seats. When the middle seats are not in their full "latched" position, the warning will appear on the Dashboard. It doesn't prevent driving, but warns when ever the X is place in Drive or Reverse to remind the driver the seat are not locked in place. Similar, if the rear folding seats unlock button is pressed and the seat back is not latched, the warning will also appear. If the rear seats are folded down and latched in that position, no warning will appear. For safety reasons, the warning cannot be deleted should the driver forget in a subsequent trip that the seats aren't latching when passengers are present.
I am referring to the middle seats. I am assuming that the optional monopost seats don't "latch" and I know my bench middle seats do latch AND fold. When they are folded down, the warning won't appear, but when they are unlatched and still up, it does.