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Rear view mirrors replaced with cameras

Patrick W

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Mar 17, 2015
While at a local supercharger tonight another model S pulled in. (That was a first for me as I've never had anyone there when I was.)

Despite it being dark I could see the exterior rearview mirrors were missing. Got to speaking with the driver and learned that he'd removed the mirrors and replaced them with cameras.

Sure enough, as shown in the picture, there were tiny, aft facing rear view cameras sticking out of the structure that once supported the left and right rear view mirrors.

The camera on the left fed a small monitor mounted inside the cabin on the left side of the dash while the one on the right fed another monitor mounted on the right side of the dash.

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It could be that the wording of the law says the manufacturer must provide external mirrors when selling their new car.

If the law does not prohibit owners from modifying their cars, then perhaps this is how he stays legit.

The better question from you would have been "do you work for Tesla and is this a test car?" :) Of course, you're a good distance away from the factory, I admit...
Ok, so it that road-legal? Aren't they required for registration? Very interesting, but not very aesthetically appealing, imo.

Had not thought of the legal aspects. He said he did it to cut down on drag. He'd also modified the wheels but it was too dark to get a good shot of that.

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I'm guessing he is going to fail his next safety inspection.

The car is registered in Colorado. Don't know if they have inspections there. The car is a 2012 so it's been through several registration cycles.