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Rebadge my model s

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A couple of weeks ago, I took off the “75” and the “Model S” badges from the back of my car. However I don’t like it without the badges that much. Something feels “fake” :)

Anyways... I want to put them back on and any tips on how to do that? I have the badges that I took off saved that I can reuse.

You can buy these online, easy to attach, guaranteed fun!
Can you take a picture and post it debadged? My plan was to debadge my new delivery next week. Thanks
I debadged all 4 of our Model S'es, here is a picture of 2 of them (2013 and 2015, 2018 looks the same except it has glass roof and different rims, not sure that affects the debadging look).
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That blue with the red calipers looks great.

Thx. .Sadly it’s a discontinued ‘ocean blue’ which was offered for a brief period between 2015/2016...now replaced by a slightly darker deep metallic blue. I really miss that hue.

Blue on pewter/grey turbines with red calipers are in my opinion one of the nicest looks for a Model S.
Except the red calipers :)
Not always, the two cars I posted above in comment #6 are S60 and P85D. As part of debadging I had Tesla delete the red calipers from my order (after verifying of course with the SC foreman that the brakes are identical all but color :)).

PS> There is a way to tell the difference between these two, but it's very, very subtle and only if you know what the 2 choices are.