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Received check from Tesla with no explanation!

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I got a Check like that with my motorhome because they over estimated dmv fees.
I also got a small check out of the blue from Toyota dealer I bought my 06 Prius from in 06. It was for that reason.

At the time, I was impressed that they didn't just pocket the difference.
I don't think anyone of us can help you. Call them!
It's a check if you keep it in the frunk. It' a cheque if you keep it in the froot.
Actually, I keep my cheque in my frunk. We Canadians pick and choose our quirks carefully. I have literally been in the grocery store and heard an announcement for 5 lb bags of potatoes on sale for $1.99 per kilogram.
Tesla overcharged my DMW Reg fee by $7! :p Although I have no idea how they managed that as there is an online DMV reg fee calculator on the DMV site. I punched in the total for the car, type electric, and my zip code and I got the exact amount DMV shown on the registration. I think someone at Tesla is taking a few $ from each purchase and funnel them into their own bank account! ;)