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Receiving update 2021.4.6

Correct. Nothing to report.

I got in the car this morning with a notice that my charge level was set too high and to dial it back. I always keep it in the 80% range for daily driving but this morning it was set to 94% and I definitely didn't increase it. I was hoping it might be tied to a range increase but it wasn't. Maybe some sort of a battery recalibration?
Even better would be to list how many bugs they are fixing vs how many new ones they're introducing! :p

Is there anywhere that has a running list of the firmware updates, kind of like a version history for other software apps?
Vehicle Software Updates | Teslascope is one site. I like it better than some of the other sites since it doesn't have ads taking up a majority of the page like some other firmware update sites do.

2020.48.26 Official Tesla Software Update | Teslascope

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