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Recommendations for Detailing Shops in the Greater Boston Area

I was washing my current, aging car yesterday and noticed the many small bits of black all over the front that don't want to come off even with a concerted effort, and it made me think I should be more seriously considering some sort of protective wrap or sealant for my Model 3. Seems like it's one of those things that, if you are going to do it, you should do it when the car is brand new. Does anyone know of (or even better, have experience with) a place in the Greater Boston area that they would recommend?
I went with Automotive Elegance in Andover. They did a fantastic job and were very helpful in explaining everything (as this is the first time I have done this sort of thing). I ended up getting a full front expel wrap with a ceramic pro finish on the entire car. Car looks great and the finish showed its abilities today with the steady rain beading up and rolling off the car.
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One nuisance I had with PPF + Ceramic Coating is that I could no longer machines wash the car (touchless wash). Making an appointment for a hand wash is a bit, for the lack of a better word, annoying. and you have to wash your car in the winter especially after every snow.

The car looks sexy all the way all year long. :):)
Check out www.craftdetailing.com in Dedham. Ask for Lia and tell her Chris salvo sent you. (I don’t get a referral) she was Tesla’s detailed in watertown for several years. They won’t be the cheapest but their quality is second to none and they’re very flexible with drop off and pickup times. Pricing can have many variables such as area covered and product used. Best bet is to get educated on what you want and shop around.
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Thanks for the replies.
Apart from the front, I'd like to protect the door edges as I expect my kids will end up slamming them into our second car in the garage. Is there such a thing as a localized protection for that area?
Also, @yousexy mentioned that one can't use automatic wash, even touchless, after PPF. Is that really so?
PPF, you can go through the touchless wash, but if you have the ceramic coating, you must hand wash. My detailer told me that it is always best to hand wash your car and better yet, bring it to him every 2 weeks or once a month. in the winter time, he recommends I bring the car in for a hand wash 3 days after every snow. lol

Despite the "sales" pitch, I think there are many degrees of truth to his statement. The ceramic coating will be destroyed when high-pressure water is applied or the paint surface has been scrapped by/brushed over in automatic car wash over the time. and it can wear out after a few washes.
The answer really depends on your own preference, what is more important to you and how accessible to a hand wash or touchless wash in winter.

Also, factor in the cost of PPF and/or ceramic coating.

Talk to an auto detailer is also a good option. Then with information gathered online, you will make a sound decision for yourself.

I'm very annoyed about making a hand wash appointment ($40 per wash) in the winter after every snow. I kinda regret getting the ceramic coating on top of PPF.

We are getting a Model X this December to replace wife's MB. My heart is saying do nothing this time, drive it as is. My mind is like maybe just minimum frontal PPF this time.
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