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Recommendations for grease/lubricant for MX hitch?

Hello everyone!

I'm about to install my hitch this year, and wanted to use a good grease/lubricant to use around hitch prior to connecting it into the car. When I received the hitch, it came with grease already from the factory after I took it out of the plastic bag. After last season's use, I cleaned it off, and took some of the grease along with it.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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I use the same boat trailer bearing grease I use on my trailer bearing. Grease it liberally, after 3 years of being removed and inserted once per year on my 2017 I had problems. It now sticks in place and someone needs to hit it down with a board to get it to come out. It looks fine, no rust or damage but has now stuck 2 years in a row.
I use white lithium grease on my trailer hitch ball. It would likely work well. I replaced the stock hitch with an aftermarket one so I can’t comment on precisely how it works for the removable Bosal.
lithium is a good all around grease. moly is usually the go to for pressure applications like wheel bearings, transmission input shafts, etc. does it really matter in this application? doubtful. better to stay on top of the greasing, than worrying about what to use!

don't really need marine unless you're going underwater often (the hitch shouldnt)