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Recommended Reading

So I read this whole thread hoping for resolution and am now totally unfulfilled.

I should probably find an actual book to read.
Lol, that's why I skipped to the last page after the first, seems to have saved me some time.

My favorite book to recommend is The Martian, by Andy Weir, much better than the movie.
If you like Sanderson, you have to listen to (or read) the Bobiverse series by Dennis E Taylor. It's the best series I've "read" in a long time.
Lol, already read that series. Loved it. Unfortunately my ADHD seems to prevent me from listening to audiobooks. For some reason I have trouble “losing myself” the way I do while reading if I’m listening to an audiobook I always end up thinking about something else while the narrator is reading and having to hit the rewind 30 seconds button a few times to go back and re-listen. Wish I could, since it would make my car trips up to and back from SF a lot better.
I've been reading A Thousand Brains by Jeff Hawkins to to help wrap my (small) mind around how they are working out FSD.
I came across it as recommended by @Cosmacelf in this TMC SpaceX thread about the book I just finished.

Liftoff! Book by Eric Berger

Lots of fun, and LOTS to think about.

A Thousand Brains (the first section anyways) will help you understand human intelligence and maybe give you insight into the hard problem of autonomous vehicle sensing and control. Be aware that Tesla does not use anything like what Hawkins describes. Tesla uses a more ordinary (but still state of the art) neural network that needs to be trained on millions of videos and curated and labeled situations.

I wish A Thousand Brains had kept going and described what Numenta is working on in some detail, but it kinda stops at the 20,000 foot level, and then zooms out even further into speculation. I was a bit disappointed actually.
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