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RED Model 3 SR+, do I pay more UK Road Tax ?

Have I made a miscalculation in recently buying a red standard range plus? The £1900 price for the red paint seemed OK at the time as I love the colour, but, looking at the Vehicle Excise Duty it seems that after a free first year I will have to pay £310/yr because the list price is over £40k. In fact mine is £40,740 because of the red paint.

I haven't seen anything written about this so it could me just me misunderstanding things. If not then the red paint could turn out to be a very expensive option over the long term.

Can anyone put me right on this please?
Whilst I would love to not pay road tax I realise somebody has to pay taxes and as ICE cars diminish the revenue will go with it. Having said that I do think the luxury car tax bracket is set far too low now. I would be happy with a figure between £150 and £200 for the M3.