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Red Multicoat Thread - Post Your Pics!

Apologies in advance if this has been created already.

I was looking for a bunch of pics of owner's red multicoat Tesla Model 3 and figured we could start a thread.

Ill kick it off - mostly stock, just tint.

Looking to do ceramic and chrome delete soon.

beautiful, picking up mine this week, did you do any wrap, also curious as to the tint levels you are considering?
No, I didn't do a wrap, too expensive. but the ceramic is amazing, dirt literally doesn't stick to it. I was prepared to wash it every week but I can just wipe it with a micro fiber and it's like brand new. For tint, I'm thinking of 80% on the windshield and roof and 45 on the windows
Some pics of my red performance 3. Should be getting my winter wheel and tire setup in the next week or two done.


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The fellow who runs the detail shop I use, Thorpe Auto Detail in Campbell, California, put together this collage when he did my car. He has done a lot of Teslas over the years. Mine was the first Model 3 he got a chance to examine up close, and due to some scheduling issues, the second one he did. I had him do a 'new car paint correction' and Opti-Coat:

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