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Red Rocks Amphitheater Chargepoint Chargers

So went to to Red Rocks and thought I would try and use the Chargepoint chargers while im in the concert. If you are a concert goer at Red Rocks there are 4 J1772 free chargers at the Trading Post. But the problem was is they are using the parking spots for crew and employees, and the chargers are covered with signs that they are out of order so no parking spots were available. I asked the security that the cargepoint webs says they are working , so they said they would try and accommodate me and get a car towed is necessary to get me a spot to plug in.

After a bit they were able to move a car and tried it out and was able to charge up.

The next day I contacted 311 to report the inaccessible chargers and was called back by the director of Red Rocks and after a brief conversation he said that they would accommodate 2 spaces on a regular basis for electric vehicles until they can find a better way to regulate the parking.

So tried again another concert night 7/17 and once again all the spaces were taken.. this time the security was more accommodating and contacted the tow truck to move a vehicle (after about 50 min). Since I was going to 2 more days security was going to hold a spot for the other two nights and had no other problems going right in.

So if you are going to a concert try and contact the trading post or main customer service to see if they can hold a spot for you to avoid any delays.
The roads are blocked to get up there during concert but just tell the security you are going up to the electric vehicle chargers at the trading post and they will let you right in.

They have recently installed signs there saying "EV Cars only", but it's not uncommon for them to be ICEd, as parking around there is pretty tight. I believe they got one of the chargepoint chargers working, but I haven't tested it, as I usually have a pretty full charge when I'm there.
I'm confused - there were "out of order" signs on a clearly functioning charger? Do you think it was a deliberate act to use the EV spots? EV chargers are not good if you can't park there...I guess I would've hoped for a better commitment from the manager of Red Rocks to leave all spaces open all the time.
At one point there were signs on them saying they were out of order, but they have been removed. They have also put up signs saying "EV Parking Only", and it looks like it's working, as those spots have been open for a while. I might have to head up there just to see if they really work...