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Redesigned energy app?

Today, while searching for an unrelated issue I came across this screen grab presumably from a beta. Notice that the energy app shows real time HVAC usage and other ancillary loads. Whatever happened to this and why didn't it make the production version cut? Can't say I'm too crazy about the Prius-style energy flow graphic, but still it does convey useful info and could easily be redesigned.

We need additional lines on the trip energy graph. One should be above the main predicting line and be for if you drive 5mph below the listed limit the whole way. Another line should be the opposite, below the main line for 5/10mph above the speed limit. Then we need a HVAC line for HVAC off/on. This way, we can get a better idea how our driving styles will affect trips and train us to drive according to the needs of the situation.
I'd love to see this on the dash screen:

Battery icon with Rated or Ideal range (as selected).
Above the icon another smaller line with an instant range (at current use). So, if Im doing 90mph, I can see how badly that is affecting my range.

IMO this would be the perfect addition to the dash cluster - placed in the center.