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Reduced Power Mode / Power reduced Service is required

2020 Model X Long Range 22" Wheels
Received this notice multiple times on a recent road trip- very frustrating. A little turtle symbol would pop up on the instrument display panel and next to the turtle the words: "Power reduced Service is Required" appeared, and immediately following this notice the max speed at which the car would travel was reduced to between 54mph and 64mph with 57 mph being the most common allowable top speed during the time this notice appeared, and would remain the max speed for as long as the notice remained on the instrument cluster display.

We received this notice in connection with a notice that our gearbox required service but that it was okay/safe to continue driving. The reduced power mode would not follow the gearbox notice immediately, but would inevitably appear at some point before our next charging station whenever our top speeds exceeded 75mph for distances ranging from approximately 50 to 90 miles, and on one occasion appeared when we did not exceed 75mph but did exceed 100 miles in distance.

The reduced power mode would then remain in effect (thereby restricting our top speed to 57mph) until we stopped and charged the battery. We never charged for less than 30 mins, and when we continued our journey the power reduced notification was gone and we could drive normally for another 80 to 100 miles as long as we kept speeds around 75 mph +/-2mph. But again at some point around 30-40 miles down the road we would first receive the gearbox notice, and then at some point (usually between 6 to 20 miles before reaching our next supercharger - which was only around 100-110 miles due to extremely cold temps averaging 0ºF) we would receive the Power reduced / Service is required notice.

These notices only appeared on our outbound journey from Indianapolis to Denver when temps were averaging 0ºF and dipping to -12ºF. We never received either notification on the return journey when temps were back up to the low 20's or higher.

Upon returning to Indy and having the car serviced it turned out to be the gearbox fluid was slightly low and the cold temps were causing the fluid levels to fall just enough to trigger the gearbox notice, and in connection with that notice the vehicle triggered the Power reduced notice and reduced the max speed in order to protect the gearbox from any potential harm that might occur from having low gearbox fluid levels, or levels that were borderline low and could result in harm when the car is operating at higher speeds and when temps are extremely low.
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