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Reduced range, sluggish performance, SR Downgrade? What is going on?

I know this will sound weird and I may be going crazy but something strange is happened to my SR. I had let my wife drive my 3 for about a week while her ICE was in the shop again. When I got it back I noticed that my estimated range was about a third less than what it was the last time I drove it. That and it seemed a bit sluggish when accelerating, not by much but noticeable. I’ve driven it several times now and it only gets worse a few times I hit 90 on the highway and the car immediately slammed on the brakes and came to a stop for no reason every time.

Then on Sunday I was low on charge and wanted to Supercharge but the nav would only show a handful of V4 Superchargers all in California, I’m in Minnesota.

I contacted Tesla Service and on Monday they sent out the mobile service tech to look at my 3. About an hour later they texted and said they had identified the issue and solved it. I asked the tech for a reason my car was acting crazy but he dodged my questions and would only say that it was now fixed “better than new, killer” his words not mine.

This morning I got an email from Tesla financial that my payment is now double, yes, my monthly payment doubled. I can’t get any answers from Tesla about this, just keep getting transferred and put on hold. I finally gave up and decided to go to work and when I walked around the back of the car I noticed this.

Can I drive it like this?
Tesla TS.jpg