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Referral Prizes - Where is my wall connector?

I got a referral in October and opted for the wall connector..

The referral took their delivery in Mid -December
At the time the program said that the HPWC would start shipping out in January
I got the referral email on 1/2/18 and redeemed it the next day. (Jan 3rd)
Then the update came that the HPWC would now start shipping in March
On or about March 25th my phone App updated and said shipping would begin in May
About a week later my app now says that it will start shipping in June...

I asked someone at Tesla and they could not give me a solid answer. One person said that they were waiting for this incarnation of the program to end so they know how many they need. Not sure I buy that one..

So in short where the %$#% is my wall connector?????

Does anyone know the real reason?

It is making charging life more complicated than it needs to be...

let him sign but they knew they were giving these out last September...

Ianofury... check the app on your phone and it gives you referral prize updates...

I also think it is a god idea to at least offer the standard one to those that are waiting on the wall connector to charge at home in a reasonable fashion.