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Reflection from DashBoard trim

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Has anyone else found this?
I collected my Model 3 on 24th Dec 2020. Generally very pleased. When collected I noticed one of the side cameras was not working. Tesla sent out a mobile technician and this was fixed in minutes. My model 3 is Blue with the upgraded white interior. All Looks good except that the White dashboard trim strip is reflected in the wing mirrors. At times, depending on the light conditions, the reflection makes the wing mirrors fairly redundant. I showed this to the mobile technician and he agreed. I have since raised the issue with service but I am apparenty the only person to complain. The remedy will be to replace the offending strip with the standard Black trim.

Am I the only one to report this?
Nope. Been an issue for a lot of folks. I have Black interior so Not an issue for me. From the complaints if you tint it’s even worse. Some have just vinyl wrapped the dash as you mention in a darker color. Can’t find the photos and IMO it looks horrendous but one guy even ‘just wrapped each and piece’ (about 6 inches worth) black and left the center white to cut down on the reflection in his side windows.o_O Good luck with it.