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Reflections of a new 2012 P85 owner

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NV Ray

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Sep 7, 2020
Purchased 2012, VIN #2446, MS P85 w/117k miles for $27k from 1 owner on 13Oct2022. Owner's original purchase cost attached.

MS ran great after driving from San Diego to my home. At home three days later transferred ownership via Tesla App with previous owner, part of which included "Factory Reset". After factory reset, received MSU_u029 code limiting to 35% charging. Trip to Service Center indicated "BMS reported short to HV battery which limits max charge to 50% and requires new HV battery." So, I'm in the 1-2 month queue for a $15k reman HV battery ($13.5k 85 kWh reman HV battery + $390 labor + $1k ish tax.)

Other daily driver is 2017 Toyota Prius Prime (PP), Plug In Hybrid which I've owned for 3 years and also purchased used for same $27k amount.

Personal dynamics are 2 x 60 ish husband and wife, both retired, two grown up kiddos on their own. Home charge MS with 30A 10-30 dryer receptacle. Home charge PP with 120V wall receptacle.

(1) MS exceptional in terms of performance, handling, fit/finish, technology, and value for $27k purchase price.
(2) PP equally exceptional in terms of performance, handling, fit/finish, technology (less so than the MS), and value for $27k purchase price. PP has more active safety features than the MS.
(3) PP's 8.8 kWh HV battery good for 25-35 miles. Has been perfect range for local trips, then 54 MPG gas engine kicks in.
(4) PP 8.8 kWh HV battery is actually 14% and 86% state of charge (SOC) when on board indicators show 0 and 100 respectively, with no manipulation allowed by user. MS allows user to go to 100% SOC.
(5) PP HV battery thermal management is air cooled. Heat pump HVAC cools/heats from interior temps. During charging, 5 x HV battery heater strips come on from 35-41 degrees Fahrenheit. AC comes on for cooling needs.
(6) Although I'm upset and saddened by having to get new HV battery the third day of purchase, I factored such calamities into my purchase price decision. MS came with lifetime free Supercharging and Connectivity.
(7) In regards to HV battery replacement/repair, Tesla, independent shops, other EV car companies and us as consumers still have some growing pains - replace whole battery vs just replace bad components/cells vs options to scrap everything.
(8) For my spouse and I, PP and MS complement each other well, meeting 100% of our needs.
(9) All this effort for best managing the HV battery is a crap shoot - One can follow all the best practices and in effect make the HV battery last past warranty, then get stuck with decision to fix on your own dime. One could NOT follow all the best practices and "break" HV battery under warranty. All these best practices focus on battery itself, not the addditional hardware in the HV battery pack.

Redacted Original Invoice.jpg
(10) Lastly, the money I'm saving on maintenance on my PP is now being spent on the MS. It's a win/win :)
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This is a great attitude and outlook. It sounds like you went into the MS purchase with eyes wide open knowing what might go wrong with it. The good news is that with 112k miles on it, it's almost certain that the drive unit has been replaced at least once so you're probably good there (the other big expense outside of the HV battery).
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See if they will give you a brand new 90 kWh battery. Just had this done on mine. Others are reporting that tesla no longer had reman 85s left so they were upgraded to a brand new 90 at no extra cost
Did they software lock it at 85kWh? this is good to know, I'm at 150K on a 2014 P85+ and still rolling, warranty expired 4 Dec 2022... If I get a new battery in the future, I would have the only P90+ in the area...