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Refreshed “2021” Model S waiting room

Yo - did not see this thread yet. Anybody else waiting?

I was going to come post an update.

I ordered a non-plaid, silver, white interiod the day after reveal, and my delivery (Missouri) has shown 01 March - 31 March until today. It has changed to simply March.

Figured it was worth sharing as it was obviously changed - whether it be a simple webdev update - such as simplifying some fields, or actually changed due to production realizations is unknown.
Waited almost 4 months for my 2014 S. So far only a 5 weeks. Did miss getting AP1 by a couple of days back then so excited to get all the new features that have been added over the years. Still love the RED!!
Regardless of where they had them squirreled away, looks like they are starting to ship the new S:


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