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Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

And, scratches head, where have I seen up to 15% or more price increases recently? Oh right, everywhere. Econ 101 supply and demand. Insert comment about inflation, delete political comments… you get the drift.

Opinion: To pay for our early orders that we’re essentially getting on discount, Tesla has to earn it elsewhere. Money is fungible but they might have bracketed spending allotments for each category of the company. I think we’ll get there, and the great thing is the product is continually being improved.
But on the flip side, Tesla just announced they have the highest margin of any car manufacturer. I wish they would use some of that margin to just fulfill orders fairly to customers, or at the very least spend it on some delivery forecasting and customer service that doesn't completely suck. I'm going on 1+ month just asking to have a replacement Wall Connector shipped to me because the one I was sent originally is completely defective.

They don't have a marketing\ad department, so how they treat customers is their marketing, and it is worth spending some money on for their part.
I have a 2017 LR X with a range of 295 (that's the rated number, now at 63K miles 100% charge is about 275 miles). I agree with you about the bathroom breaks, but have written in this forum previously that I think 400 miles is about right. My reasoning is that bathroom breaks are a 10-15 minute event; whereas charging is a 40 to 75 minute event... Also, location of both may not be the same.

Bottom line, I appreciate that more and more range has diminishing value - however, taking into account battery degradation with age, flexibility in deciding when and where to charge, as well as real life range (I get 225 - 240 miles of practical miles per charge...), I think a higher rated car would be of benefit. When they announced the refresh X range numbers several months back, I was a little disappointed and was hoping for higher.
good point. we only have 20k miles with almost no degradation. adding 45-50 more miles with a plaid will be really nice.
To those discussing range - agreed we need 400+ and it isn’t because you have to drive that distance in each leg of a trip to make it worth it. It’s because you don’t have to charge to 100% as much, you can hit the sweet spot and charge 5-10% back up to 70-80% and have a nice useful range for the next leg of the road trip. Also for towing - the current range is garbage for towing any distance since you can multiply the range by 50% when towing an RV for example.
Here is a short trip/vehicle report on my two-day old MXLR:

Yoke steering wheel: Love it! Just completed a 250-mile road trip with a few parking lots, U-turns, and the like. No problem whatsoever in acclimating and never felt it was unsafe or dramatically different than a traditional steering wheel. Although, the turn signals will take some getting used to as I still have to "look" at the buttons to operate the signals.

Somewhat related to the yoke steering wheel - the view out the front windshield is unbelievably expansive. I was expecting the "sun roof" portion of the windshield, but the dashboard appears much lower than other vehicles thus your forward view is only obstructed by the A-pillars and rear-view mirror. I noticed that you cannot see the front corners/hood of the car from the driver's seat - so that will take some getting used to especially when parking.

As this is my first Tesla, I am still learning all the features and capabilities. Autopilot is great, especially in stop-and-go traffic, but I learned I need to be a bit more careful in not getting put in Autopilot-Jail (hint: turn off AP before you drive faster than 90mph;-)

Good luck to everyone still waiting - you will absolutely love it WHEN you get it!

Now I am off to the Model Y Waiting Room - I am hoping my MY delivery is "delayed" enough to receive a GigaAustin 4680 build!

Safe Travels!
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Plaid - MSM - black interior - 6 seater - 20 inch - No FSD - AZ

OD - 11/12/21
Original EDD - August 2022
Updated EDD (changed 1/26/22) - 1/28/22-2/15/22
Tesla phone call on 1/28 asking about a trade in and that “VIN will be matched soon”

Accepted trade on 2018 M3LR on 1/30/2022

Logged in today and EDD back to August 2022
Plaid - MSM - black interior - 6 seater - 20 inch - No FSD - AZ

OD - 11/12/21
Original EDD - August 2022
Updated EDD (changed 1/26/22) - 1/28/22-2/15/22
Tesla phone call on 1/28 asking about a trade in and that “VIN will be matched soon”

Accepted trade on 2018 M3LR on 1/30/2022

Logged in today and EDD back to August 2022
wait...is that for a new Model S or X? Also whereabouts in AZ are you?
My Plaid order placed in November just went from EDD August to Feb 3 - 24.
I never intended the Plaid to come before my June 2021 order of the Long Range X (EDD like everyone else with a placeholder of "March") , now I'm torn on what to do.
While the Plaid has my now desired color config, the extra $30k for 20 miles less range is not desirable. I placed the Plaid order thinking it may be a nice resale vehicle later on... now it may be my first chance to get back into a Model X.
And another Monday and my EDD of Feb 3-24 is now back to August.

I guess maybe I won’t pay an additional $30k :)

My June 2021 order for non-Plaid remained March.

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