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Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

Hello. I debated if it might come across insensitive to post these questions here when a lot of the year plus 'elders' are still awaiting any news on their cars, but I decided to ask anyway since all of you will, sooner or later, be in the same boat as I.

So, as I look forward to my car delivery in a couple of hours, would anyone be able to help with the following?

1. I have not paid yet. I am taking a loan for the entire amount, which my credit union has already deposited into my checking account. Can I pay = with an ACH at the time of the delivery? Could that cause a delay until Tesla has some sort of confirmation of funds in their account?

2. I have looked at the delivery checklist, but to be honest, I can rely on myself to miss something. So, what would be the top 3 items on your list?

3. Somewhat related to the above: Is there a list of 'equipment' included with the X? For instance, mud flaps (in Seattle, if that matters), floor mats/carpets, charging cables, plate frames, etc.

4. I did not purchase FSD, and as of now it shows as a $10K addition on my account. I am guessing that would change to $12K after delivery. I am not planning to purchase it at either price. But, I *am* thinking of signing up for the monthly subscription. Can I do that at the time of the delivery?

Thank you for your time. To do my part, please feel free to reach out if I could answer any questions after I get my car.

All the best to everyone.
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So I just got the call to switch from 7 seater plaid to 6 seater. They said there would be no price increase for me. I was also debating on switching from black to red. He said if I switched there would only be $1000. difference to change from Black to red.. I love my black MX but the red looks really nice...
Is anyone nervous about taking delivery now when the 4680 batteries seem imminent? My Plaid delivery is slated for March but I can’t help but wonder whether waiting a couple more months might be worthwhile.
With their current pace, new batteries may come somewhere in 2027 for the first 5 customers. Then there will be another delay, multiple shifts of the estimated delivery date. By 2028 you may get it.
Is anyone nervous about taking delivery now when the 4680 batteries seem imminent? My Plaid delivery is slated for March but I can’t help but wonder whether waiting a couple more months might be worthwhile.
Yeah, but I don't think they will come to X for a while. I think they'll be Y exclusive for the foreseeable future. It's going to be interesting to see how Tesla avoid cannibalizing their X sales. My kids all prefer the new Y I just picked up to my pre-raven X. They mainly find the rear to be more open and seats more comfortable than the 6 seater config of my X.
Still waiting for my X... My edd never changed from March, 2022. Not even tbd.Anyone didn't get X who ordered in 2020? So sick and tired of waiting... Thinking about just cancel the order...
I’ve been waiting for 16 months. You’re getting so much deception, suffering and misery for more than $100,000 when you’re dealing with Tesla.
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I ordered my LR MX 5 seater on Nov 30 2020. I assume I’m never getting it. Since they have announced that they aren’t producing 5 seat plaids, can someone think of a series of events in which the 5 seat LR MX‘s get produced this year, if at all? My EDD changes from March to TBD about 3 weeks ago.
I have even a 2-month older order, and it’s still March for me. Though I’m not sure about the year ;)


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Mar 20, 2020
Hi you guys, almost hate to post but I am suddenly a viner for my Plaid ordered July 2021 .I’ve been off the forum for a couple weeks since I can’t seem to keep up with all the postings unless I do it every day. I ordered 5 seats but got the call that I was getting a six seater like it or not. I posted that conversation with Fremont. 7SAXCBE67NF3318xx. Black ,white , 20” . Suddenly I am supposed to make a delivery appt immediately as I guess they forgot to tell me until it was on the truck to Austin…..Unfortunately I’m going out of the country today for 3 weeks so as usual everything Tesla does is some kind of disaster for me, even delivering my “March “ car early. I’m sure they will be happy to screw me out of it if I can’t figure out how to take delivery.
I will try and post how great they are going to be about accommodating my needs and not theirs………
The rest of us here are the barbarian hordes at Teslas gates demanding our personal starships and what in the hell is the hold up. So if they dont wait for you, they are doing it for us as well. Their theme is to "accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy". The more cars they get out to our hands the better and faster they can deliver on this promise because, time. If one of us sees a car sitting for 2 weeks without claim, we'd be somewhat pissed. Maybe you can get a trusted soul to go and take the delivery in your stead with a temporary power of attorney. I've got a couple trusted souls to cover for me since I go out of town from time to time, probably on my delivery day I'm assuming. Because sometimes that's how life works.
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Hooooooooly crap. This man got a VIN! Unfortunately, my EDD is Feb 6-11 and I'm out of town Feb 6-15. My. Damn. Luck.

You know that you CAN'T leave this forum once you get yours - dammit. Who am I going to commiserate with?!

Talk nicely, bring some coffee and maybe they'll hold onto it for you for an extra couple of days - enough for you to return. An extra few days shouldn't hurt.

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