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REFUEL 2015 - Friday June 26

Unofficial results for Car Production GT:
  1. 1:49.322 Joe, Roadster
  2. 1:54.947 Vlad, Model S
  3. 1:57.068 Tony, Model S
  4. 1:57.278 Jack, Model S
  5. 1:57.736 Brian, Model S
  6. 2:03.386 Tom, Roadster
  7. 2:03.598 Pascal, Model S
  8. 2:05.983 Anton, Model S
  9. 2:18.789 Megan, Roadster
  10. 2:21.546 Carl, Model S

hmm I plan on under 1:54 if I make it back out there, not sure I could break 1:50

what tires was Vlad running on? (if you know) ..he was almost 1/2 second slower this year ..charge related?

no P85Ds were faster this year? surprising ..hey I could have even had a 3rd place with my messed up time from last year, wow! was it wet:wink:?
looks like very few people were running TT