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Regen Braking klunk from front left wheel

I have a new to me 2016 S75D. It's a lease return purchased directly from Tesla and I love it.

One issue I've noticed is that if I take my foot off the gas and let the regenerative braking kick in, there is a brief but obvious klunk from the front left wheel area.

Car has a 4 year, 50K full warranty on it.

Any ideas what this might be and if it would be covered? I've never used the repair service, as I've only had the car for two weeks, so any clues as to how that might go would be great, too. Do I get a contact after I request service? Do I get a loaner? Do I get Ranger service or do I visit a repair shop? I'm in Sonoma, and the nearest repair is in Marin, so not too bad, but not exactly local.

First day on the forum, so Hi All!