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Registering Model S in Bexar County

Discussion in 'Texas' started by radelman601, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. radelman601

    radelman601 Member

    Dec 1, 2015
    San Antonio, TX

    So I went to the Bexar County Tax Office today to register my new Model S. I had everything put together and thought the process would be easy. I was wrong. The Tax Office used the Date of Agreement on the MVPA which was July 15th instead of the Payment in Full date listed with the Tesla reps signature. I paid what they said before I realized that by using the wrong date I incurred a Sales Tax Payment Penalty. I immediately brought it to their attention but they refused to change the date. I did not take effective use of the vehicle until I picked it up in Austin and explained that to them. I also had paperwork from Alliant that showed we did not complete the loan documentation until mid-August which was the precursor to having the car shipped to Austin. Easily a month after the Date of Agreement. They were confused and called the State Comptroller who said that they needed a new signed MVPA with the August date before a refund adjustment would be processed. So now I have Tesla trying to get me paperwork that will work. And I now have to go back to bureaucracy hell tomorrow, hopefully, to get this mess sorted out.

    Anybody in Bexar County have any troubles like this? How did it go for you so I can try to use that in this fight?

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