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Release notes?


Is there anywhere online where I can find all the release notes for the updates.

Sad I guess, but keen to read them and see all the features that have been added over past few years
Not from Tesla, but who knows. There might be some 3rd party hacker out there that's filtered through the code.
Good idea though. It would be nice to put details of all releases on the web site. After all, Tesla has the details and no problem with space on a web page.
I haven't seen the release notes change since I took delivery at the end of March. Looking at Software 8.1 is Here I see the software has been at 8.1 since then (actually, since March 2017 it seems); do release notes only update with point/major releases, not the (apparently) fortnightly releases (e.g. 2018.18)?

Specifically, the release notes (when they render) are and have been:
  • Accessing the Owner's Manual
  • Mobile Connector Improvement
  • Previous Release Notes: Opening front and rear trunks remotely
It would be nice to know what's supposed to be being fixed in each update.
Agree, Tesla should provide more information on what has actually changed in each release, especially because they mark so much of the software as "beta".

We're all guessing on the status of the AP software in each release, and without any release notes, it's up to owners to experiment and figure out what might or might not have changed. Do we really know the areas where Tesla has or doesn't have confidence with the AP software?

nVidia does a pretty good job with the release notes for their graphics drivers - documenting what has changed in a release, what bugs have been fixed, known bugs that haven't been fixed, and warnings about situations that won't be fixed. All of that information would be very useful for the cars we are driving...