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Relocating to UK...what to do with my Tesla?

I have an opportunity to relocate to the UK for work. Of all the challenges (and excitement) associated with such a move, I am most concerned with what to do with my new M3P that I took delivery on in December. I feel like I would take a huge loss if I sell it (taxes and depreciation.) On the other hand, I don't know if it is possible to ship the car, or if the software is able to be updated to reflect the changes.

Does anyone have any experience relocating to Europe with your Tesla?
Are your indicators (turn signal lights) amber or red? In the UK they must be amber.
The charging sockets are all different in the UK, adapters will work for some of them, but probably not all (do the US chargers support 3-phase?).
You'd need to get a UK SIM installed in the car, and as you said some software changes would be needed.

Even though selling it and buying new in the UK would be a loss, I'm sure it's cheaper overall than trying to ship and use in the UK.
Yeah, it's not as simple as shipping a package. At least the incoming side of US, there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done and custom fees/taxes that you'd have to pay to import a vehicle, let alone laws/requirements around NHSTA safety regulations that have to exist. You'd want to study and understand all that's required and possible costs before attempting to do something like this.
If your move is temporary, most countries will allow you to bring the vehicle in for up to a year without officially importing it. You would just keep your US plates. I don’t know what the UK’s policy is on this but it’s something to look into. If it’s going to be a permanent move this obviously will not work.
Just sell it, tesla used values are pretty good. I am from the UK and also lived in Spain for a while so I am very used to driving on both sides of the road. You really want to have the steering on the correct side of the car, overtaking is literally dangerous on a undivided road due to the poor view ahead, and the wheel on the correct side kind of reminds you which side of the road to drive on.
Not to mention the other differences others have mentioned, especially the tesla charging adapter which isnt used in Europe - its mostly CCS
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Ask Elon if you can do a like for like swap. You never know!

Based on the responses, this seems like to only logical option:D It would be a permanent move, so if everything else works out, I just need to deal with the emotional loss while I prepare to get back in line. Just when I thought I was done with the waiting room:mad:

Thank you all for the replies!
I’m guessing not military since move seems optional. Unless your company is paying to ship the vehicle it would be way cheaper to take the depreciation hit and buy another one then ship the car you have. There is almost no reason do you ship the car to UK if this is a long-term move. And honestly if your move was only a year I would look at ways to store the Tesla and keep it here.
Don't forget that the steering wheel is on the right side of the car in the UK. We've driven US spec cars in right-hand drive countries and it wasn't fun.

i drove a LHD for 5 years in the UK. Not an issue, if you do lots of highway driving its actually advantageous. In Australia I prefer the RHD just because it gives you a bit more visibility on the many rural highways they have with dangerous overtaking manouvers (road trains etc, think the NT top gear episode)

If I could choose in the uk id actually pick the LHD because its a bit easier to operate the car that way. One thing which is a bit nicer about the RHD is that the AP stalk is on the right so during one handed operation you can activate AP.

The real issue is the import tax, import inspection, charging retrofit, headlight/rear light retrofit, software retrofit ,all which will cost more money than the sale in the USA is worth.

Also buying a new 3 will mean you get a bigger battery etc.