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Removing pollen spots on paint protection film


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My X was wrapped fully with XPEL with some glass coating over the film. Recently we are having a pollen season and I asked my detailer to wash the car with water as usual.
To my surprise he showed me this.

This is after thorough wash. As you can see there are many small spots on the hood, and they are visible with fluorescent lights.

The detailer explained that this is caused by pektin from pollen, and if pollen became wet by rain etc, the pektin came out from inside and make these stained spots. He also mentioned heating would work to remove these spots but he wasn't sure if the film can withstand heatgun treatment or 100-degree C boiling water.

My another detailer who is also an XPEL installer showed me when he removed some of the stains with a heatgun. He also tried hot water on a towel but it woewor much less effectively. I will ask him again when the pollen season is over.
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