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Replace Q panel w/out roof removal

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Wanted to share following information:

It is possible to replace a rear quarter panel on an M3 without removing the glass roof. I was told be everyone who chose to comment that this was a requirement for quarter panel replacement. The issue with roof replacement is, quite often, the glass cracks and a new roof is needed. If the repairs are an insurance claim, adding a replacement roof to the claim due to damage during in the repair process is not an issue, however, the glass is yet another parts order to Tesla which often adds additional weeks to the timeline.

My experience at a certified repair facility in Michigan was phenomenal. After 4 months in the their hands, mostly waiting for parts, my car is perfect again. From paint match to mechanical operation, I have had one issue. The trunk was not water tight (wet inside after a rain). I took the car back and so far so good with their fix.

My purpose with this post is provide information that, in my experience, contradicts the prevailing body of information.
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You knwo, I saw this, and thought "WTF, people here to bodywork!?" Anyway, back when cars had drip rails, there was a seam between the quarter panels and roofs. The "vinyl roof" thing was a way for the OEM's to not put that much effort into blending it (this was also when it was done with lead). More modern cars sil have the quarters as part of the main chassis, but the seam runs the length of the roof. There is usually a filler piece in there about a half inch wide. ON the 3, if you open the trunk, you can see that hte quarter panel is spot welded onto the main chassis, which effectively makes it just a skin like the fenders. Should make the car easier and less costly to repair.