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Replacement Model 3 frunk clips? Safelite busted ALL of them replacing my windshield...

I've been chasing down a rattling noise at highway speeds, at first I thought it was the Y shaped plastic guard on the hinge area of the frunk, fixed that with some sticky tape. Was filling my windshield washer fluid yesterday and noticed a gap in the front frunk and the fender that I don't remember being there. I had Safelite replace my windshield a month or two ago and this definitely did not look like this before. After further investigation they broke EVERY single clip that holds the frunk down near the fenders. Gap & Broken clip I looked around the frunk, it appears to be around 6 clips (maybe more?). I did some part searching for the frunk clips but I'm coming up empty. Anyone know where to source some of these? I left a message with my SC yesterday but haven't gotten a response yet.

Super disappointed that they didn't know how to work on a Model 3 after I explicitly asked them if they did, and that they didn't tell me when they busted all of them. Ugh! :(
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I ordered the clips directly from the SC. It took about a week for them to come in.
I hope to spend time with them next weekend as I have not figured out how to remove the broken clips without damaging the fenders.

if you figure it out or anyone knows please post here.

the clips are called Special Clip, 8.3x25,0.6-0.8, Nylon, Blk #1106961-00-

they are $1.10 each
I know this is old, but the clips listed here say Model 3, and the model Y ones are a little different, the ones I got apparently are the model Y clips, but that is what I just took out of my car a 2019 Model 3, so is there a difference or am I better to use the model 3 ones?