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Reply wipes “jump to new” position?

I read some lengthy and active threads. I can easily find myself behind by a few pages. The forum keeps track of what I’ve read and lets me read from my multiple devices, picking up right where I left off...

Until the update.

Now after a reply, it automatically jumps to the last post (mine) and wipes out the “jump to new” by marking all messages in the thread read.

I hate it....can we fix it?
While this doesn't fix the issue, you can try clicking the "+ Quote" link in each post you want to reply to. You can click it for multiple posts which you want to reply to. Then, when you've finished reading the full thread, you can go to the reply area and click "Insert quotes" which will insert all the posts you want to reply to as quoted posts. This way you can finishing reading the thread before replying to anything you want to reply to.

There's also another way. If you're not at the end of a thread yet and want to reply to a post, reply to the post you want, then in the upper right corner there's a tiny 'save icon' where you can save the draft reply. Then when you go to the next page of the thread, your draft reply will be automatically loaded into the reply area for you to continue or post your reply. Also, each draft reply is auto-saved after a few seconds -- you'll see the green dot showing it was saved automatically.