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(Reported on 12/26/2015) 11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch!

As Tesla popularity increases, do you think it's reasonable to start charging a fee as demand exceeds supply at some locations?

No, I counsel patience. This will work out as more chargers are built and we will not be left with the residual problem of when and how to eliminate charging for charging.
An excellent reason to keep or rent an ICE car for holiday weekend travel.

(Are any Model X vehicles being driven home? If yes, take photos!)

UPDATE: The above suggestion is only if time is of the essence and any extra wait time would cause issues with family or friends before or after holiday gatherings.

IMHO, having to stay longer at a Supercharger is a perfect excuse to arrive late for work, if the boss will accept it. It also could be a great reason to decrease the time spent visiting relatives you would rather not visit. "Sorry, we must leave early to charge the car!"
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Yep. I was there last week and the line was only one car deep by the time I left. Certainly understand everyone's frustration. They really need temp stalls as an interim until Buttonwillow opens.

Tesla does what they can, but we all know that the number of cars will grow faster than the number of chargers.

What interests me is that most of us have known for years that the very busiest of times for charging has been Saturday AM thru Sunday night. And knowing this, we all simply MUST drive where ever on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. And drive the busiest roads, too. And then we all get excited and write posts because we have to wait somewhere.

Of course, I know we can't change our ways at all. We all must travel only on weekends.

I have been charging ever since they put in the first charger. I never had to wait anywhere, ever. People complained of waiting for charging, and I had never been anywhere where the chargers were half filled. Amazing. Then I went somewhere on a Saturday afternoon. And guess what? I had to wait.

I don't suppose this will help any, but if it is at all possible, AT ALL possible, plan your drive for some other time. Leave Friday afternoon. Or come back Monday morning, or even very late Sunday night. Of course, you all know this, and you all think that everyone else will do it.

That will do more for uncrowding the chargers than anything else. Its only on weekends, folks. And it will only get worse.
As Tesla popularity increases, do you think it's reasonable to start charging a fee as demand exceeds supply at some locations?

I'm expecting Tesla to build alternative stations near the overloaded ones and implement intelligent system management to guide cars to the alternate stations when one looks like it will become overloaded.

If they had four other stations within 50 miles of Tejon and your Nav knew ahead of time that Tejon was going to be overwhelmed and suggested you went to the other one instead, these problems would mostly go away. It's only possible to overwhelm nodes like this when the system is fairly sparse, and Tesla is continuing to build Superchargers at an accelerating rate so the problems should become smaller over time even though the car population increases, as long as the network build also accelerates at a similar rate.
Disagree. The whole point is defeated if this has to be resorted to. Tesla ought to improve the infra in this busy stretch.
Or, In-N-Out could install a CHAdeMO. Better yet, let Tesla Motors install a dozen liquid cooled 150 kW Superchargers at the In-N-Out to use while enjoying a Double-Double®.

The Supercharger red Tesla lettering would look good at an In-N-Out.
11+ car wait at Tejon Ranch AVOID IF YOU CAN!!!!

The permitted Buttonwillow charger, hopefully opened by next summer, will solve the Tejon congestion problem.
Sorry to hear about so many people waiting to charge today, the day after Xmas, but not surprising on such a busy travel day.
Today my wife and I drove from Tustin in Orange County to Zion National Park in Utah. Charging at Barstow and Primm was easy, only one other car there when we were there, but the St. George UT charger was full when we arrived, then empty 30 minutes later.