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Request for pics of cars WITH the front license plate

Looked through the last 30 pages of the production photos thread. Almost all of the pics are from delivery day, so nobody has a plate on yet :) Most of the others don't have a good shot of the front.

Yeah, I know...don't put a front plate on. This is not that thread (please). Required in my state, and the local cops DO TICKET.

Interested in seeing "action pics" from people that have the standard LP holder as well as one of the other options.
This is what I did


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This is what I did
If the stock plate mount isn't for you, I just posted some pics and first impressions on a somewhat reasonably-priced aftermarket option here.
I plan to experiment with something similar to Doug, but for those of you who covered part of the lower vent with the plate, how does it effect battery cooling? People may say, it doesn't effect cooling at all, but Tesla spent a lot of money on engineers to calculate square inches of lower grill opening for battery cooling, and I am not comfortable with messing with that opening.
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Thanks for the profile picture of the stock mount. Its interesting that they curved the stock mount a bit possibly for aero as well as aesthetics. I will put the stock one on as well.
I bought Model 3 plate frame for it. It's curved slightlyas well.


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