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Reservation number changed overnight.

Last I looked, my reservation was #xxx, now it's RN303yyy -- does this signify a shift from place-holding to ordering process?
Or did I just get bumped 300,000 places down the queue? : )
Still no "configurator" available to me.
Ho hum.
(patiently drumming fingers on table ...)


Apr 20, 2013
You've always had an RN number - it's how they identify you, kind of like your account number. It is completely separate from a sequence number - the account number is tied to you, the sequence number is tied to a reservation.

The sequence number used to be there in addition to the RN number, but now that it is gone more people are noticing the RN number. It was the invisible step-child that only gets noticed when the favorite child is out of the room... ;)


Aug 1, 2014
I have 2 RN #'s in My Tesla. When I put the deposit down for the X, the sales agent created 2 X's (one still has a Pay Now button next to it). Each has its own RN #, but only the one paid for has the sequence #. So, I think, the RN# is the car identifier in some way.


Paul Carter

Active Member
Apr 27, 2013
Just noticed this change to just the reservation number. Might well be paranoia, though my own thinking is this may be to minimize speculation on numbers of reservations cancelled and make production / delivery ramp less obvious through tools such as the ModelXTracker...
Yea, I've stated in a few threads now this might be temporary. Even seen very recent emails sent out from Tesla that reservations holders will be contacted by sequence number order and to check that on their My Tesla page.
To follow up on that - if you don't know how to get to the HTML, just go to "View Source" (pretty much every browser has that, usually just by right-clicking on the page, or in the menu), and then search for "vin_sn" (CTRL+F usually does the trick), and there you are!

If you didn't enter your number on modelxtracker.com, you can use that trick to get the number and enter it.

Don't worry folks. Your number is still there. Like someone said above, your reservation number is still in the html.

View attachment 96986

Rodolfo Paiz

Fidelius Family Office
Nov 19, 2012
Miami, FL
Same thing happened with Model S. At some point at/near the early production they move away from sequence numbers, because production is batched by certain car characteristics (e.g. building a batch of Performance cars, or they don't have blue paint this week) so people will get slightly out of sequence... but get their nose not-so-slightly out of joint. Sequence numbers only cause trouble for Tesla once deliveries get going. You still have your approximate place in time, but you almost surely will get your car a few spots earlier or later than your sequence number would have indicated.
Same happened to me, although in Germany. I expect to have to wait several months before we will be asked to configure the car.

And yes, the # is still hidden in the source code.

<div class="info_container">
<div class="model notranslate">
<p class="model_name">
<span id="order-RN3XXXXX">
Model X
<!-- <img src="/tesla_theme/images/pencil.png" class="img-cursor" onclick="javascript:name_a_vin('admin-name-vin','RN3XXXXX');" /> -->
<p class="vin_rn"> RN3XXXXX
<!-- <p class="vin_sn">
</p> -->

<div class="status_holder">
<p class="status">Reserved</p>
<p class="message">You will be contacted in order of your reservation to design your Model&nbsp;X.</p>

<div class="cta_holder rt">
<div class="cell">
<a href="/mytesla/profile?rn=RN3XXXXX" class="button grey">View Profile</a>

I wonder why they did it.
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May I remind everyone that it is probably not a good idea to post the RN number in a public forum.

It is your account number and ID for the reservation. Ill intentioned people can mess up your account.
I would recommend those who posted to edit the post and delete or block out the RN number.


Apr 20, 2013
I have 2 RN #'s in My Tesla. When I put the deposit down for the X, the sales agent created 2 X's (one still has a Pay Now button next to it). Each has its own RN #, but only the one paid for has the sequence #. So, I think, the RN# is the car identifier in some way.

Interesting, I'm just going by what it said in my confirmation email:

ConfirmationEmailFromTesla said:

Your Reservation Confirmation Number is the number we use to track your account. If you ever need to call us, we'll ask for this number to quickly pull up your account details.

Your Reservation Sequence Number indicates your place in our reservation queue and the order in which you'll be invited to finalize your Model X configuration, options, and packages.

I took that to mean that the RN tracked the individual because it was tracking "your account". It may be more accurate to say that the RN number is tracking the order (company wide/all models, like a PO number), not an account. It is also closer to the name "Reservation (Confirmation) Number" even though it is assigned prior to confirmation. Basically, you get an RN simply for indicating interest and when you pony up the money and your check clears then you buy your sequence position which is added to the RN.
Production Reservation Numbers have been replaced by the Reservation Date

Note to Moderator: This thread should be merged with "My Sequence number disappeared"

My P83 has now been replaced by this: (in white)

Your Model X was reserved on 2/10/2012. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation.

2/10/2012 was day 2 of reservations, since people that went to the X Prototype Reveal in Hawthorne could reserve a Sig or Prod on 2/09/2012 if they brought their checkbook with them.

I guess this just means they will invite 2/09/2012 + X days to configure, first, then D days later invite 2/09/2012 + (X+1) + Y days to configure, etc. I don't think they want tens of thousands of us swamping not only their servers but the inside and outside sales staff with our configuration questions all at once. Finally, they will choose "D" and the number of additional reservation dates per group in such a way that all production reservation holders have been invited by 12/31/2015.

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