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Reverse Brake LOUD!!! noise

I was wondering if anybody has a guess to why this is happening and how to fix it.

For additional info. I have UP moderates installed and aftermarket wheels. I wonder if something went wrong during installation. I believe the break pads comes off during installation.

When I am going backwards and hit the breaks, there is a really loud noise ( like the bicycle brake pads making a loud noise on the bicycle wheels) and it is loud!!! Enough that I scared a co-worker the other day...

Here is the link to the video

Sounds like a brake squeak, is your car typically parked outside? Rust spots can form on the metal from moisture and cause a brake squeak at times. Does it only happen in the mornings? Does it eventually go away after some driving?
I did, in fact, tell my wife it was brake squeal due to the rain. The car was sitting outside in the heavy rain for a few hours. I’ve mentioned it here because she said it was incredibly loud. The car is always garaged, and we’ve only had it 6 weeks. Yes, it’s fine now that it’s dry. Wondering if this is a common issue that others have when backing up and braking after the car sits in the rain.
I have talked to the installer they said, they did not remove the brakes for the install. This seems to come and go. I think it has more to do with temperature than humidity. I think this happens more when cold. Since I am on heavy regen and try to not sure brakes most of the time, it is safe to assume when temp. get lower my brakes doesn't warm up much... It was gone for couple of weeks now it is back...
I got my brand new Model 3 seven weeks ago and it squeals like crazy every single time I am in reverse(it has done this since day 1). I read all of the tips and tricks and have tried them to no avail. Tesla is coming out for a service visit next week.
I did some hard braking.
Turned Regen off.
Sped up, slammed on brakes, and slowed down.

Nothing has worked. It's crazy loud so enough is enough! It has gotten to the point where I strategically pull straight into parking spots so I don't have to back out of them. The only place I don't do that is in my garage. Every time I leave the house my brakes remind me that they're there lol.

That's my only complaint so far. I love the car.
Yes sorry I must have posted about it in another thread.
He replaced a cap on drivers side caliper. That being said, he said he took it for a very hard braking test drive down the road for a few minutes and he believes that fixed the issue. I had tried what people had recommended but I probably wasn't aggressive enough.
I have a long dirt driveway at work, so he thinks something could have caught up in the brakes as well.
All good now and I hope it lasts!