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Reviews and Charge Time


Petrol Head turned EV Enthusiast
Apr 1, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Is it just me, or does it bother others how reviews always talk about how many hours it takes to charge? I cringe ever time they do that.

They always talk about charging from empty to full, but in reality that almost never happens. Personally, I have never once charged from empty to full. These articles/reviews make potential buyers think that you need to charge for 7 hours every time, which is not the case.

I dont know....I feel like it is a huge injustice when they do that.

Even when charging publicly (which I also hardly ever do) it's usually just to add a few extra miles to make it home and it's usually not with a zero charge starting point.
When people ask me how long it takes to charge, I tell them 30 seconds-- 15 seconds to plug in when I get home in the evening and 15 seconds to unplug when I leave in the morning.

Exactly, but these articles make it seems like EV drivers are sitting around for 7 hours in public, waiting for their cars to charge. Not the case at all and the reviewers need to stop talking about the "empty-to-full" charge times because they are irrelevant.
@gavine I have the same response you do. The problem is that the authors of such articles have never owned and lived with an EV. If they had, they would realize that the time spent daily to charge the car is essentially...ZERO. Plug it in and walk away. Unplug in the morning and get in and drive. It takes ZERO time.
It is a question people always ask. I usually just say "about a half hour" refering to an average stop at a supercharger. If they're really interested in the breakdown with tapering etc they can look it up online.