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Road debris damaged front fender, valance, horn

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On my recent trip i hit a huge piece of torn tier and it hit my driver side wheel. Front fender garnish peeled off, valance on the driver side lost few rivets and hanging down a little. And i can see horn is damaged as well, it sounds weird. Tesla directly asked me to take it to a body shop, they did not even take a look. A body shop quoted me 6K for this damage. I know that awful lot. Any suggestion to make tesla work on it, i don't see any body damage or scuff. Or if i can order parts from them and ask them to fix it if i bear the cost. Thanks in advance. I live in Nashville, TN area.

Parts needed:
VALANCE, FRT FASCIA, MY (may be just getting some PUSH PULL RIVET,8MM,5-7 GRP,NYLON,BLK. might help)
MODEL Y, ROCKER COVER LEFT HAND, ASY (just miss aligned not actually damaged)


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I know this is an ancient thread, but I’ve got the almost exact same situation but on the passenger side of the vehicle on my 2023 MYP. I’ve got mobile service scheduled for next Tuesday and a quote of around $870 to to replace parts/repair…
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