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Road Trip from Amherst, NY to Pasadena, CA (and back again)

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Got a late start today from Amherst. Wife lost her cell phone and we had to get it shut off. Stopped at the Tesla Cleveland Store and used their Supercharger while I bought a ChaDemo adapter. They also adjusted the tension of the driver side wiper to eliminate streaking. Did a fair amount of drafting on the way to Cleveland and got very good energy usage, about 285Wh/Mi. Charger up to 92% at the store so we skipped the Macedonia SC. Continued on to Columbus, OH where we are staying close to the Grove City Supercharger. Hope to get an early start tomorrow and get to St. Louis or maybe even Kansas City.
... Hope to get an early start tomorrow and get to St. Louis or maybe even Kansas City.

Sorry about the cell phone, at least it can be replaced. If your goal is St. Louis or KC, you may be best getting a hotel somewhere between the two where you can charge overnight. Otherwise, you might have to drive 65 mph or slower between the St. Charles and Independence Superchargers on a highway where most people are going 75. Or, stop to have dinner at one of the Tiger Hotel's restaurants in Columbia, MO, where one hour's charge @80A allows you to follow the I-70 traffic.

To be honest, Grove City to Kansas City is a modest goal in decent weather if you get an early start. That's the power of Supercharging (and speed limits that seem to increase as you head West).

As for the hotel choices with charging between St. Louis and KC :

http://www.thetigerhotel.com/ 80A HPWC
http://www.yateshouse.com/ 64A HPWC
http://www.stoneycreekhotels.com/hotel/travel/columbia/home.do 30A J1772 This last one requires using a Chargepoint station that is a 10-15 minute walk from the hotel.
Thanks for the advice. We ended up doing the St. Louis to KC on a range charge. I drafted behind larger vehicles for much of the way, driving close to or at the speed limit. 214 miles later, arrived at he Independence SC with 38 rated miles left and averaged 296 Wh/mi. When I tried to drive the speed limit early in the trip I quickly got the, "Slow down to reach your destination" warning. A SC in Colombia will be a very good thing, especially in the winter.

And about the phone, my wife got my Galaxy S3 and I got upgraded to the LG-G4. Sweet!
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We made it to California!

We pulled into my sister-in-laws driveway 6 days and 6 hours after we left Buffalo. The first stop was the Lyndhurst, OH Tesla service center where we bought a ChaDemo adapter. While the car was charging I casually mentioned that the driver's wiper had started doing a little streaking. They immediately adjusted the arm tension while the car was hooked to their Supercharger. The car was charged up to 90% well after the adjustment was made and we were on the way to Columbus where we charged at the Grove City SC. We stopped overnight at a local motel and continued the next day to Effingham, Il. and Indianapolis for a Supercharge and St. Louis (St. Charles) for a SC and a nights sleep. See previous post for the crossing to KC, MO. More to follow.