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Roadster 1.5/3.0 for sale

Tesla Roadster 1.5 with 3.0 Battery for Sale $72,400

Own the original model that started the EV revolution, upgraded with the latest battery technology from Tesla. The Roadster is an all-electric sports car produced by, California based Tesla Motors, the Tesla Roadster is innovative, efficient, and seductively beautiful; and few things, can boast all three! Perhaps more importantly, the winner of Time Magazine’s 2008 Best Transportation Invention, Popular Mechanics 2006 Breakthrough Award, du Pont Registry’s 2009 Best Green Exotic, and Forbes Magazine’s “Best new car that lived up to the hype”, the Tesla Roadster paved the way to environmentally friendly performance in modern cars. The Roadster has phenomenal acceleration rocketing you to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds (3.8 with battery upgrade). As one expects of an automobile designed by Lotus, steering is tight and responsive, and the driver feels at one with both the car and the road. The car has about 55,000 miles and has been garage kept, is in very good shape, and serviced mostly by Tesla.

Factory options (Invoice was $109,000):
· Carbon fiber hard top (in addition to soft top) $5000
· Premium sound system & navigation $3000
· 240v & 120v Charging cables (standard)
· Forged Alloy wheels
· Soft top with storage bag

Over $41,000 of additional options added over last 8 years:
· 3.0 Battery upgrade giving 330 miles of range and a performance boost $29,000
o Battery & Power Electronics Module (PEM) warrantied until July 2020
· Sound Reduction Package Stage 1 $3000
· Sound Reduction Package Stage 2 (note even then the Roadster is not a quiet car) $1000
· Tesla HID headlamp upgrade $2400
High Power Wall Connector (for charging up to 70 amps) $1950
· Tesla Carbon Fiber door sills $1400
· J-1772 adapter (CAN JR) for charging at more than 17,000 public charging stations $650
· Model S adapter (CAN SR) for charging at over 3,200 Tesla destination AC chargers $650
· Hitch – Used for bicycle rack (or to tow gas cars who have run out of gas J) $350
· Tesla Carbon Hard Top Storage bag $250
· Boot Bag for nearly double the storage on road trips $200
· OVMS to track/charge your Roadster (will require GPRS SIMM card) $120
· Black vinyl protection below the doors can be removed if desired. $100
· Additional pre-filter for PEM and motor to help keep them clean and cool
This first-generation Roadster has some nice features as they decontented later models such as:
· Carbon fiber center console and trunk well.
· Military grade quick connections on PEM
· Adjustable lumbar (while driving) and seats that are slightly thinner for more headroom
· VDS display by door (charging settings) is easily reached without having to climb in the car
· Full performance power is the default driving mode
· Storage shelf that is much larger than 2.x glove box
· No 12v battery which has proven to be a headache in the 2.x models.
· Reliable TPMS

Standard equipment
· Air Conditioning/Heating
Power Windows
· Remote Keyless Entry (two keys)
· Dual Front Impact Airbags
· Low Tire Pressure Warning
· Cruise Control
· Removable Targa top
· Integrated Garage Door Transmitter
· Heated leather seats

Battery – While the battery was solid after 8 years, I upgraded to the 3.0 battery to ensure long life as the battery is the one-part we cannot service. I get 310+ miles on a range charge and 212 on a standard charge.

While the car is a blast to drive and I truly enjoy it, my wife has problems with her back and knees and has trouble getting in and out of the car. We need a car she can drive and use so we purchased a Tesla Model 3.

Issues – Over the last 9 years I’ve owned the Roadster I had two serious issues which have been fully resolved. The high-voltage controller went out and was replaced by Tesla. Then we had an issue with the accelerator pedal circuit and the pedal and wiring were replaced. Not bad for a first-generation car. I have had the PEM cleaned, battery coolant replaced, and the brake fluid replaced, per the maintenance schedule and the TPMS sensors and trunk support struts, were replaced in 2017.

If you want to know more about me and little about the car you can find additional details at Dropbox - 2008_Roadster - Simplify your life or www.hrivnak.com or feel free to ask anything and I will do my best to answer. Using the car as my primary drive for the last 8 years, I know it quite well. I also have MANY other pictures and history of the car.

Roadster_255_left.jpg Roadster_255_interior_2.jpg Roadster_255_interior.jpg Roadster_255 (2).jpg Engineers_week2.jpg Tesla_Sound_dampining_04.JPG
Just a bump to keep the thread active. It looks like I will be keeping this classic gem. Not a bad outcome as one of my hobbies is to show the car at local car shows letting people know Tesla has been shipping cars for over 10 years now.


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Is the dynamat in the photo from the Tesla sound reduction package? Or additional that you added?
Kind of both. When the Ranger came for Sound Reduction 1 (mostly fiber mats), I asked if I could add Dynamat and he gave me an evening and night to virtually cover the inside of the cab. After he was done, the next day we took a test drive and he was amazed, as he said I had the quietest Roadster he had ever been in. And a few weeks later Tesla started to offer Sound Reduction Stage 2. I reached out and found they essentially duplicated what I had done. So I believe we were the genesis of the stage 2 package.
Price drop, We have decided to let this classic go for $69,500 and that is with the new upgraded 3.0 battery. A gentleman flew out for the weekend to give the car a good look and test drive. He is on the fence as he is not sure his wife will take to such a tiny car, but he did have fun. He was planning to use it as a daily drive, and it will work for that. It was my daily drive for about 6 years, but since the 3.0 battery, the car has been more of a garage queen. Here is a picture where I was caught in a sudden snow storm. The Continental DWS Extreme Sport tires do quite well in the snow when the tread is new. I got home from work with no drama, passing several other cars parked along side the road. By the way (DWS - Means Dry, Wet, Snow) and as you run the tires the S on the tread disappears first meaning no longer good in snow, then the W will disappear meaning you should not drive in heavy rain. The tires were quite new at this point.
I'm the gentleman

I was able to thoroughly inspect and completely enjoy this roadster

perfect driver with no error messages and no mechanical issues I could discover after going over every inch of it

I've been looking at everything and I can attest this car is best 2008 and the one to buy

Not a garage Queen but a car that's been thoroughly enjoyed and cared for to the point where the miles are not as relevant in this case.

nicely optioned smartly customized and with the 3.0 battery you can go just about anywhere

I hope I'm the one that gets it but I feel obligated to let everyone know what a special car this is

Feel free to p.m. me if you want additional information

A separate note special thanks to the owner who was so gracious to share this amazing vehicle and his wonderful community with me
Update? Did you list on onlyusedtesla.com ? I bought my 2012 Model S 85 from a listing two years ago. Now looking at a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD. Anyway, just trying to help. It is overwhelmingly private sellers, which, personally, is the way I would buy a used Tesla (over a used dealer who knows next to nothing about the car).
Update? Did you list on onlyusedtesla.com ? I bought my 2012 Model S 85 from a listing two years ago. Now looking at a 2018 Model 3 LR RWD. Anyway, just trying to help. It is overwhelmingly private sellers, which, personally, is the way I would buy a used Tesla (over a used dealer who knows next to nothing about the car).
Yes sir I did and that is where I found a likely buyer. I will know for sure in a few weeks.
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