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Roadster 1213: Now in Los Angeles! Help Needed!

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2008 VP & 2011 2.5 Sport
Feb 5, 2014
Dallas, TX
Hello all! As of this morning, the beautiful Clementine, 2011 Roadster #1213 has arrived by flatbed at my new (temporary) location in Los Angeles!

However, this brings me to sort of a pickle.

When I purchased 1213 back in January, the previous owner only included the UMC, utilizing the NEMA 14-50 connector. While this cable has been exceptional at my home in Dallas since January, this raises a serious issue given that I am now in Los Angeles, California.

Are there ANY Roadster owners in the Los Angeles area that are willing to let me borrow a 115V charging cable (the universal yellow one) and/or a Roadster J1772 adapter until the weekend? I will drive to you. Our cars can meet & say hello.

Unfortunately, at this point in the post, I have sad news.
As a soon-to-be touring musician, I have relocated to LA and will not have a permanent residence to store such a vehicle while I'll likely be gone for several months out of the year. Due to this, I have decided to sell Roadster 1213. I will likely make a "for sale" post later, but I thought I'd formally announce to everyone here.

On Friday, I am considering setting the car up with Shift here in Los Angeles, where they will list the car on all major sites and handle everything for me. If anyone has any questions before then, please feel free to PM me. It would obviously be easier to work with Shift, but if a guaranteed buyer were to show up before Friday, that would be even easier.

Before everyone gets upset, and before I start hysterically crying, THIS IS NOT THE END. Give it a year's time, and I'll be taking up residence in Colorado, once the initial surge of touring has commenced, and things are at a regular pace, where I can have a new residence and return once more to being a happy Roadster owner. During this time period, there's absolutely ZERO way I'm returning to an ICE vehicle. Nope. Just, no.

If there was anyone interested in a Roadster, the information about Clementine's options are in my signature. She contains a 240V UMC ONLY, and two original keys. Valet key was not included in previous purchase.

- Car is at 37,791 miles. Car had annual maintenance performed and completed in Dallas by the Tesla Service Center on Welch Road on August 5th, 2015. Issued a CLEAN bill of health, which includes battery, PEM, motor, 12V battery, brakes, tires, etc. Everything is healthy and functional. No problems were discovered. I have copies of the service report.

- CAC is 141 when completely balanced. Car charges to 169 Std./194 Rng. miles at 85% SOC. Range charge yields 221 miles.

Again, this isn't a for sale post, but rather just information. I'm hoping to utilize the car and enjoy cruising up the coast on Highway One in Clem this week, before I'd have to sign her off to Shift on Friday. Expect photos and a potential thread on that.

IF ANYONE is willing to let me borrow the cables listed above, so that I can keep her healthy this week, please let me know! Thanks so much in advance!
#1213 has arrived safely and is happily charging on the HPWC at the Fremont Factory :)