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Roadster Meet/Drive in SF Bay Area - 8/29/15

We have a good group of Roadsters meeting up and taking a leisurely cruise through the roads of Fremont this coming Saturday. If you have a Roadster and would like to join us, please PM me and I can provide more details for you. The skinny:

Meeting at: Fremont Tesla Factory (next to the Superchargers)

When : Saturday, 8/29/15 @ 9:15

Departure : 10am sharp


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Sounds like a fun drive, I prefer to do the drive to the Bay Area from LA in a Model S, so we're out. I wonder if any SoCal Roadster owners would like to do a similar kind of drive sometime. [emoji57]
Didn't this group organize a bunch of LA Roadster drives? :

Lots more Mixed Model S drives now, and totally planned out for the year. The one that looked good was in June and it rained that Saturday. We did take her Roadster out on a drive with Model S guys at the OC group the following week in June.

We have three Roadsters (including my wife) at the OC group that I help organize meets with.
Sounds like a lot of fun getting other Roadsters together, I'd be up for a SoCal drive!


Considering your light blue with the mesh top and @Fango's Roadster are the extent of OC Tesla participants that I know... I appreciate being able to count on your interest. Let's start a new thread for a SoCal drive. PM or email me (I assume you've received my emails before, since you were at the Anaheim event a few months back).

Unfortunately our Sig Green won't make a "Skittles" shot. [emoji6]
I want to thank 'Spiderguy' for organizing this event, and loaning me one of his Roadsters so that I could participate. We drove through some beautiful scenery, past a windmill farm, down 'Tesla' road, and ended up at a decent lunch spot. The weather cooperated as well, with our recent heat wave abating just in time for this drive.

Looks like a great group! Sorry I missed it. Hopefully will make it next time. My wife and I just returned from a 3,500 mile trip in our S, thorough Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. The car performed flawlessly except for two instances of weird navigation instructions which I posted about in the navigation errors thread.
We had a nice turnout and the weather turned out just right. Here's a few of the photos taken by Sean.


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Ok... I'm officially jealous... Beautiful cars on a beautiful day!

Can't believe that folks were still "wearing the hardtop". [emoji39]

Love the pics...


So, I have @Gary1M and me interested in a SoCal version of this... Tentatively thinking of 9/26 or so... I have some stuff to shuffle around. I'll start a thread in a few for that.

Anyone in SoCal interested in doing something like this too? @Fango? @PanteraDude (still here/have your Roadster?)