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Roadster Performance Thoughts


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Mar 12, 2021
Hello !

I would like to debate with all the enthusiasts about this car.

What level of performance do you expect from the new Tesla Roadster ( 0-200, 0-300, 0-400, lateral acceleration, braking performance... ) ?
What do you think the mass of the vehicule would be ?
What Nurburgring lap time do you expect ?
Do you think that the Roadster will be able to repeat these performances over a long period ?

My personal opinion :

for the roadster ( without SpaceX Package) i expect the following performance :
0-100 under 2 seconds,
0-200 under 5 seconds,
0-300 under 10 seconds
0-400 under 20 seconds
400 km/h+ top speed
Power output around 1 500 hp

Minimum 1.20 G on the skidpad
Braking : 125 meters to 200-0 ( a lot less with SpaceX package)

I believe (and i hope), the Roadster weight will be under 1 750 kg with a massive use of carbon fiber and magnesium.
Above this weight, the sportiness of the car will be really affected.

For the Nubugrging lap time, i think a time under 6min30 is feasible maybe under 6min15 if the SpaceX Package is really efficient.

Then the big question is the thermal mangement of the batteries.
Can the car withstand intensive and repeated use ( especially track use) without loss of power and performance ?
The car will be able to handle sessions of 15 to 20 minutes on track?

In this area, i think the 4680 cells batteries could be better relative to the 2170 cells but how much ?
The Plaid+ will tell us more about this point.

I thank you in advance for your answers.
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It may be possible, but note Lotus's mutli-million dollar Evija EV supercar makes extensive use of exotic materials and weighs in at 1680 Kg with a 75kWh pack. Tesla's battery technology probably has a better energy density, but 2.7 times better?

Yes, i know that.
We can add to this that the chinese 2016 Nio EP9 weighs in at 1735 kg with a 90 kwh battery pack.
This 90 kwh battery weighs 635 kg ( according to Wikipedia).
If Tesla gets 300 Wh/kg or more with their new tabless batteries, the 200 Kwh pack could be around 670 kg.