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Roadster trade-in process


Apr 7, 2017
San Francisco Bay Area
So we got the dedicated support email and decided to trade-in our roadster for a CPO MX. I though I would live-share my experience on the CPO process and keep you guys updated on what to expect.

As a frame of reference, we recently bought a P3D and were not impressed at the buying process at EOQ3. We put in a new order, and had someone contact us 10 days afterwards to let us know that our VIN would be assigned soon. (Though keep in mind our original SA was OOO for that time, but no one else picked up the comms). In contrast, the roadster trade-in process has been nothing but fantastic with direct phone/text lines to both our roadster adviser (RA) and delivery specialist.

Timeline so far:
10/29 - Emailed the new [email protected] roadster alias just to see how long it would take to get a response. SLA seems to be < 24 hours, as we were immediately contacted by our RA via email. I mentioned in the original email that the roadster was not an option in the trade-in site and was curious if they were going to fix it - the RA was proactive about getting a value and asked for pictures to send over to his trade-in team.

11/3 - Cleaned up the roadster, sent pictures in and waited. I also mentioned in my email a reference to the roadster service thread (here) and how it was receiving positive feedback from the community.

11/7 - Our RA called us and let us know our trade-in value. It was higher than expected (compared to some of the #'s being quoted here), and since we were in the market for a SUV, decided to pull the trigger on a CPO P100D X.

11/8 morning - RA calls us and congratulates us on our choice. Also mentions that he could pull some #'s on a new 100D lease so that we could compare. Comes back 15 minutes later on email with a few options and leaves it to us to decide. Throughout the entire process, never felt that the RA was pushing a new X, but being proactive about finding the right car for us. Even though I think it may have helped him to function as a SA, he never pushed the issue.

11/8 evening - Received 3 separate support calls. One from our RA to confirm that we wanted to go with the CPO X, one from a used tesla specialist, and one from the delivery specialist. All within ~1 hour of uploading docs. Keep in mind this is 7pm on a Friday night, the support is absolutely amazing!

11/9 - Uploaded insurance to tesla.com, RA sent an email over to the trade-in team to adjust the value based on the # he originally quoted. At this point, it feels very similar to the new car buying process. Upload driver's license, proof of insurance, payment, etc. Waiting on confirmation of trade-in value in order to pay the remaining balance (ETA tomorrow or Tuesday).

Note about CPO: There are plenty of threads about the CPO experience w/Tesla. One thing I noticed is that desirable CPO cars are sold same day. Looking at sites like teslacpo.io, the price history shows listed + sold in the same timeframe. If you're planning to look at CPO, really understand what you're looking for, what options you want (e.g. use EV-CPO.com option code lookup) and then play the refresh game.

Note about RA (roadster advisers): We are lucky to have dedicated lines. In particular our adviser (Eric L.) has been very helpful in getting us whatever we needed, calling us multiple times per day, responding to email on the weekends. Great amount of support from Tesla at the moment for roadster owners. Feel a bit of regret (i.e. makes me want to keep the roadster in addition to the X), but happy for everyone else here who now have access to this dedicated line!
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Jul 5, 2012
Houston, TX
Interesting. I got the RA email also but have not reached out. Not looking to sell my 3.0 #999. Care to share the approx trade-in value? I'm curious.

Just traded in my Model S lease for a Model X lease. The timeframe was quite a bit more protracted (took several months) but they were always responsive when I reached out to nudge things along and they worked with me on the return date (they ate a month of the lease due to their slowness, which to their credit they offered without me asking for it).

You also mentioned a "new P100D". Don't they just sell "range" and "performance" now? I did go for the X Performance.
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Sep 24, 2012
Ludlow, Vt
Note about RA (roadster advisers): We are lucky to have dedicated lines. In particular our adviser (Eric L.) has been very helpful in getting us whatever we needed, calling us multiple times per day, responding to email on the weekends. Great amount of support from Tesla at the moment for roadster owners. Feel a bit of regret (i.e. makes me want to keep the roadster in addition to the X), but happy for everyone else here who now have access to this dedicated line!

Thank you for sharing your experience!
I've owned my Roadster since 2011, but I haven't heard of 'Roadster Advisors'. I'm guessing what you call an RA is a sales rep who is knowledgable about Roadsters and can help someone who wants to trade one in to help finance a purchase to take the right path.
When you told Tesla you might want to trade in your Roadster did they direct you to Eric?
I'm surprised that they are offering a decent trade in price for one. Thanks.
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Apr 7, 2017
San Francisco Bay Area
11/10 - Received trade-in value (just filling out the form for purchase which triggers another evaluation even though it had already received a quote) which was aligned with what others are quoting here - quite insulting to be honest. Interesting to see that the #'s don't initially align - i.e. the normal channels don't seem to value roadsters.

11/11 - RA / Loyalty team working on updating the trade-in value to reflect original correspondence

- Drop-off / pick-up tentatively scheduled for this weekend. Waiting on final contract to confirm.

3.0 #999 nice! Trade-in value from the RA was within 10% of what I would consider a fair private party price. It's not official yet though as the RA is working hard to get it reflected in the current contract for the used MX (2016 AP1 P100DL) - I guess the roadster / owner loyalty department is separate from the trade-in evaluation department.

Eric was the first to respond via the [email protected] alias, and has been our advocate throughout multiple departments in Tesla (trade-in, used sales, delivery). He does seem like a sales rep as well as he is knowledgable about the current models - didn't really grill him on roadsters specifically though.

I'm planning to stop by Carmax tomorrow to get a 3rd datapoint, still find it hard to believe that Tesla is treating us Roadster owners well - maybe now that they are profitable, they are giving back to people who own the car that started it all?... or perhaps our batteries somehow became much more valuable? o_O
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Apr 7, 2017
San Francisco Bay Area
11/14 - Stopped by Carmax, evaluation took ~1 hour as they said they had to bring in a senior "buyer" and confirm the price with a different office. Evaluations so far:

20k - Vroom online quote
28k - Tesla online quote
33k - Carmax in-person quote
47k - Tesla RA / loyalty team

The commercial market doesn't seem to know how to price the roadster, but Tesla seems to be providing the most value for us through this new roadster loyalty channel. If anything, this is going to raise the value for all remaining owners as it's not clear what Tesla will do with these trade-ins.
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Jun 23, 2017
Middletown, NY
I wonder what their plan is for the trade ins as well, hopefully they don't pull a GM and crush them? Lol just kidding, RIP EV1, I'm still salty about that move


Driving on Sunshine
May 4, 2011
Hey, if the EV1s hadn't been crushed, the Roadster wouldn't have ended up as the King of the electric car revolution! So in a sad way, it was a good thing in the big picture.

If there are any who haven't seen the movies ' Who Killed the Electric Car' and 'Revenge of the Electric Car' be sure to do so. And for the rest of us the movies are worth a refresher course in our history.


Apr 7, 2017
San Francisco Bay Area
11/16 morning - Dropped off roadster in Fremont, there were a lot of employees who said they hadn't seen a roadster trade-in before & there were many opportunities to take pictures of people take pictures as it seems like it was very rare. Everyone was super nice, and the process was smooth. Took about 20 minutes to wait for paperwork, fill it out, then hand the keys over. They didn't drive it or inspect anything, i.e. it seems like they don't care about the working condition, which made me kinda sad as this particular battery was pretty strong (CAC ~157, 184mi standard mode). The supervisor didn't know what they were going to with the trade-in either, but it seemed like the team was eager to test drive it once they took possession.

11/16 afternoon - Flew down to LA to pickup the X in Marina Del Rey. Experienced the new LAX-it system which seemed very efficient, had a ride as soon as I walked up to the line. Picked up the car, did a walk around, relatively clean aesthetically, but now I'm in the threads in which the X community complains about the half-shafts click / shudder issues (hooray!), but w/4-year warranty can't complain too much. Black w/onyx 22" actually looks really good in person. There were a couple of other X's being delivered (new performance white/white w/onyx 22") and both looked good. I was worried as in pictures, the stormtrooper look seems to be the better color combo, but in person the black/black looks very sharp!

11/16 evening - Drove back from LA -> SF. This was interesting as we recently took a roadtrip down to LA last month w/the P3D that has HW3. I had a good chance to compare AP1 vs AP3 on the same route w/similar conditions (traffic, time of day, weather).

Overall was a very pleasant customer experience as a roadster owner. The main difference was having the RA advocate inside of Tesla who was driving a lot of the decision making and following up. Kudos to Eric / loyalty team for great service + comms throughout the process. It does seem like Tesla is trying to reduce the # of roadsters out there, not sure if they are just reducing liability / long-term cost, but its a good opportunity for those looking to trade-in to take advantage of the dedicated channel. It's also good for everyone else holding on to the roadster as it can only go up in value :).

AP1 observations (+) positives, and (-) negatives:
+ Moves away from trucks, just like the newest software update of AP3
+ Visualizes auto types (trucks, cars, etc), and locks onto the front vehicle (indicated by a blue color) in some situations
+ Immediate lane changes - this is actually an important QOL feature as I'm going to look anyways out of habit, just telling the car to squeeze in without me having to disable AP, switch, then reenable AP
+ No phantom braking on the entire trip (I-5)
+ No ping-ponging in the lane as AP3 currently does. Also seems very confident/smooth when the lane widens and passes highway exists
- Tends to hug the left side of the lane if it seems like its unsure where the right lane marker is - kinda scary for right-hand high-speed curves
- Cars disappear once they are past side view mirrors, no blind spot visualization
- Signals don't auto cancel after lane switch
- Doesn't slow down for sharper turns
- Have to be careful during turns over hill crests

Other observations:
- Autopilot cancel in AP3 is actually shifting into neutral in AP1. There is no warning that you shifted into neutral @70MPH, can't imagine what the use case would be at this speed. Took some time to get used to as muscle memory FTL.

AP3 observations:
- I have yet to see a good use case for NOA. I don't agree with the lane switches it suggests, pressing the cancel lane switch just results in the same suggestion a second later. The problem is that this dialog box is in the exact same position as "apply steering wheel torque" warning, which means I need to constantly watch the P3D screen to distinguish between the two as peripheral vision doesn't apply.
- I can always turn off NOA, but then psychologically I'm asking why did we pay $6000 for this "Navigate on Autopilot" button, we gotta turn it on. There is no such problem in AP1, as you don't get that option :rolleyes:
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Jun 4, 2010
Austin, TX
hearing a lot of rumors about special Roadster support but I have yet to see anything. no call, emails, zippo! Considering trading in premium 1.5 for MY this summer or just selling outright ($55k?)

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