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Roadster VIN list

Discussion in 'Roadster' started by DanielFriederich, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. DanielFriederich

    Feb 5, 2015
    Neusatdt/W., Germany
    Since I am totally "virusnized" by the Roadster and a Tesla fan I wanted to enable us to get track of (best case all ever produced) Roadsters driving round.
    So if you wanna contribute to my list which I will make open to public asap when I have collected some data please provide me with some info about your Roadster containing VIN, Color, Version ;)
    I searched for a list but coulnd't finde one.... so here we go?!

    Regards Daniel (Sig ed. SFZRE2B1XA3000112, black, V1.5)
  2. Jaff

    Jaff Active Member

    Aug 15, 2010
    Grimsby, Canada
    Daniel, before you get too deep into this project, search posts by TEG...
  3. DeedWest

    DeedWest 2010 Roadster 2.0 - VIN 523

    Feb 5, 2014
    North Dallas, TX
    Agreed with Jaff. I'm convinced that TEG is the closest human alive to succeeding at this. I started doing the same thing nearly four years ago, and I'm probably at 1/4th of the Roadsters he has knowledge of (I have 378 cars logged, US production only). I would say that the majority of those I have located here on the forum in older posts.
  4. stevejust

    stevejust Pati ≡nc ≡

    Feb 15, 2010
    Dallas, TX
    Can confirm: DeedWest has an extensive list, but TEG has the Rosetta Stone when it comes to info/pics/history of basically every Roadster out there.
  5. josh-io

    josh-io Member

    Jun 21, 2015
    San Jose, CA
    Has anyone who curates this data considered making it publicly accessible, or creating a new list/wiki for public consumption?

    Even a Google spreadsheet would be helpful and interesting. :)
  6. TEG

    TEG TMC Moderator

    Aug 20, 2006
    #6 TEG, Oct 8, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    So, I gave a high level view of what I assembled for NORTH AMERICAN Roadsters in this thread:
    Roadster History North America
    When I posted this:

    I think I know of close to 100% of North American Roadster VINs, which tell us things like production year and sport/non-sport, but not much else.

    I have incomplete information about production Roadsters made in Hethel, UK intended for Europe.

    Here is basically what I have on the SFZRE VINs:

    SFZ - Tesla manufacturer string for Hethel, UK built cars
    SFZRE - Roadster Convertible=RE
    SFZRE1 - region code, 1=USA (2 or 3=Europe)
    SFZRE11 - restraint system type 1
    SFZRE11B - Motor type B (Tesla 56C)
    SFZRE11B? - Check digit
    SFZRE11B?6 - 6=2006, 7=2007
    SFZRE11B?63 - Factory - Hethel, UK
    SFZRE11B?63E - Engineering/Eval Prototype

    SFZRE11B963E00001 EP1 Obsidian Black / Black
    SFZRE11B063E00002 EP2 Radiant Red (repaint from "Chilli Red")
    SFZRE11B263E00003 EP3 Glacier Blue? UK: "227 CL" - FMVSS crash tested 7/13/2006
    SFZRE11B463E00004 EP4 Very Orange - 11/17/2006
    SFZRE11B663E00005 EP5 Brilliant Yellow - trailer hitch - JB test car
    SFZRE11B863E00006 EP6 Non standard "Nightfall" dark blue (repaint?) "227 OC"
    SFZRE11BX63E00007 EP7
    SFZRE11B163E00008 EP8
    SFZRE11B363E00009 EP9 Electric Blue
    SFZRE11BX63E00010 EP10 Thunder Gray "AU56 AUJ" Arvidsjaur, Sweden cold weather tests March, 2007 MFG2007
    First Registered 01/12/2007
    SFZRE11B773V00001 VP1 Signature Green - California - JB test car - Arrived March, 2007
    SFZRE11B973V00002 VP2
    SFZRE11B073V00003 VP3 "AO57-HCV" Racing Green / black (Later w/Yellow Hood (JACB)) 2008 MFG
    SFZRE11B273V00004 VP4 Arctic White / black+orange (Brussels)
    SFZRE11B473V00005 VP5 Jet Black / gray (Seen at Goodwood) July, 2007
    SFZRE11B673V00006 VP6 "A057-BHW" Lotus Factory - Very Orange
    CA"6YFF412" Seen at Refuel - updated to 2.5 look.
    SFZRE11B873V00007 VP7 Very Orange ?
    SFZRE11BX73V00008 VP8
    SFZRE11B173V00009 VP9 CA"TSLAVP9" Electric Blue / black - Palo Alto HQ Loaner - black 2.5 wheels.
    SFZRE11B873V00010 VP10 Sterling Silver / black Assembled 11 Mar, 2008 Hethel, UK - 2.5look now
    SFZRE11BX73V00011 VP11 Thunder Gray / microfiber
    SFZRE11B173V00012 VP12 "AO57 HCX" Black / saddle (UK) (LeMans, France) /FirstReg:2-8-2008
    SFZRE11B373V00013 VP13 Very Orange
    SFZRE11B573V00014 VP14 Green - Palo Alto - (Gold wheels?)
    SFZRE11B773V00015 ? <<<does not exist???>>>

    SFZ - Tesla manufacturer string for Hethel, UK built cars
    ___RE - Roadster Convertible
    _____1 - region code, presumably Europe (1=USA)
    ______1 - some other kind of restraint system - what type?
    _______3 - Motor type M6S - is this the Sport motor?
    ________7 - Check digit
    _________A - 2010
    Digit 8, Motor: For 2008, B = Tesla 56C
    For 2010, 1 = Tesla M6B; 3 = Tesla M6S

    For the Validation Prototypes, we see three different VIN formats, namely SFZ/3V, SFZ/39 and 5YJ/1V.
    Obviously the first two represent cars built in the UK, but why the different 12th digits I do not know.
    The U.S. built VP's have 1 in the plant (11th) digit and V in the 12th digit, presumably for Validation.
    The SFZ/3V cars are all 2007's and the SFZ/39 and 5YJ/1V cars are 2008's.
    basically on a UK plate 57 means the car was registered between 09/2007 - 02/2008 and 58 means 09/2008 - 02/2009

    SFZ - Tesla manufacturer string for Hethel, UK built cars
    SFZRE - Roadster Convertible=RE
    SFZRE1 - region code, 1=USA (2 or 3=Europe)
    SFZRE11 - restraint system type 1
    SFZRE11B - Motor type B (Tesla 56C)
    SFZRE11B? - Check digit
    SFZRE11B?8 - 8=2008
    SFZRE11B?83 - Factory - Hethel, UK (1=Menlo Park, CA)
    SFZRE11B?83V - V=Validation-Prototype... 9=Prototype?

    SFZRE11B083900015 ? <<<does not exist???>>>
    SFZRE11B283900016 VP16 Glacier Blue/cream (MFG 12 Feb, 2008) - PA Factory Jan 2012
    SFZRE11B483900017 VP17 Fusion or Radiant Red+Mirofiber+CarbonFiber-Chicago->MenloPark
    SFZRE11B683900018 VP18 UK"AU08-EBC" Radiant Red (Converted to Brabus?) Switzerland / Reg 5-26-2008
    5YJRE11B981V00019 VP19 UK"AU58-AJX" Sterling Silver UK London, GB W2 2SN (Parked near Tesla London) /Reg 9-10-2008 - Involved in WKTEC. Top Gear test car. Stolen and recovered Oct 2010
    SFZRE11B483900020 VP20 UK"AU58-AJY" Electric Blue (Crashed in France?) /Reg 9-10-2008
    5YJRE11B781V00021 VP21 CA"SNPOWRD" Radiant Red/Beige+Black (Encino, CA)
    5YJRE11B981V00022 VP22 CA"6KIS084" Electric Blue/Gray+White+White - Menlo Park marketing car. Mfg 9/2008
    5YJRE11B081V00023 VP23 Sterling Silver (Top Gear test?) - Showing in Tennessee
    5YJRE11B281V00024 VP24 CA"6KGY357"
    -> CA"SUN ENRG" Arctic White - Menlo Park--LosAltos-$1051VLF-Sep13,2010
    5YJRE11B481V00025 VP25 UK"AU58-AUC" Thunder Gray/Red (UK->Monaco->Holland->Norway) /Reg:9-29-2008
    5YJRE11B681V00026 VP26 CA"6JZH359" Fusion Red;beige/black STUDIO CITY, CA 91604 Aug 16, 2010 $1026 VLF
    5YJRE11B881V00027 VP27 UK"AU58-JBE" Very Orange - ["chronopublish"/JR]
    -> CA"6KGY359"
    -> CA"LOL OIL" /Reg 1-23-2009-$984VLF-Oct1,2010
    5YJRE11BX81V00028 VP28 Very Orange - proto black wheels - Los Angeles
    5YJRE11B181V00029 VP29 UK"AU58-JDX" Electric Blue (was Austria) NOVATO, CA 94949
    -> CA"TESLA29" VLF$995-Sep9,2010
    5YJRE11B881V00030 VP30 UK"AU58-JDZ" Thunder Gray UK /Reg:2-5-2009...Chicago Made:2-2-2009
    -> CA"GLTFREE" Nov 22, 2010 $1032 VLF ("Kim")
    5YJRE11BX81V00031 VP31 Electric Blue/Microfiber (Seattle) - For sale in Delaware-FirstReg 10/16/2009-Broomfield,CO 6,681 miles TITLE (Title #:07P846435)
    5YJRE11B181V00032 VP32 CO"ATESLA" Sterling Silver - Chicago (Illinois Dealer 1881) Nov/2009 - Sold Denver, CO 11/17/2009 4,983 miles TITLE (Title #:50E080105) "Born Feb'09"
    5YJRE11B381V00033 VP33 Twilight Blue / Tan (4 carfax) PA"LCTRICK"
    5YJRE11B981V00201 VP201 CA"6TYE107" Jan 03, 2012 $324 VLF (First reported mileage - 57,553)

    SFZRE11B183F00001 [EM] CA"6ESK126" -> 7/16/2008 Hawthorne, CA
    CA"Tesla P1" JetBlack/Black+Red [ Delivered Feb 2008 ]
    SFZRE11B981F00002 [ME] CA"Mr.Tesla" CustomGray+OrangeStripe WOODSIDE, CA 94062 (AKA P3) - Delivered 7/19/2008
    SFZRE11B081F00003 [JS] CA"6ESK125" Red/Brown - 7/16/2008 Palo Alto
    SFZRE11B281F00004 [AG] IL"SINGAS" Silver/Black+Red- (Red Steering Wheel) Valor Chicago Title Insurance: 7/22/2008
    SFZRE11B481F00005 [KM] CO"645RUJ" Yellow Boulder, CO - Delivered 8/1/2008
    SFZRE11B681F00006 [BL] CA"6ESK129" ->
    CA"TESLA6" May 17, 2010 $921 JetBlack - SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105 - Rear ended a Mercedes ...
    SFZRE11B881F00007 [SB] CA"6ESK128" Radiant Red VLF$921 Jul 22, 2010 (7/23/2008-PaloAlto,CA)
    SFZRE11BX81F00008 [LP] CA"6ESK127" Sterling Silver/Gray VLF$1036-May15,2009 / $921 May27,2010 (7/23/2008-PaloAlto,CA)
    SFZRE11B181F00009 CA"6FIY272" Jul 20, 2009 $1051 VLF Signature Green 9/4/2008 SF,CA
    SFZRE11B881F00010 CA"6FIZ288" Jun 15, 2009 $1051 VLF Signature Green (( 10/21/2080 CHICAGO, IL 60606 ))
    SFZRE11BX81F00011 [VM] IL"TESLA 11" Radiant Red / Saddle Brown - Founders Illinois' was IL"A46 2049"
    SFZRE11B181F00012 CA"6FAA183" Jun 4, 2009 $1051 VLF ElectricBlue/Gray PALO ALTO, CA 94303 SanBruno,CA [AW?] - 160 Jasmine Way, East Palo Alto
    SFZRE11B381F00013 CA"6FAA182" Jul 30, 2009 $1129 VLF Black+Red Stripes (Palo Alto Area) SanBruno,CA
    SFZRE11B581F00014 CT SignatureGREEN 08/12/2008 Greenwich, CT Title #031301678
    [email protected]
    SFZRE11B781F00015 [??] CA"6FAA179" Jul 07, 2009 $1051 VLF 8/22/2008 Sonoma, CA
    SFZRE11B981F00016 [MT] CA"6FAA184" - Black/Black+Brown. 8/11/2008 San Burno,CA
    SFZRE11B081F00017 [SJ] CA"6FAA181"-> (8/19/2008-MenloPark,CA)
    SFZRE11B281F00018 CA"6FAA180"-> 8/21/2008 - SF,CA
    CA"TESLA18" Mar 03, 2010 $1036 VLF
    SFZRE11B481F00019 CA"6FIY658" Sep 01, 2009 $1036 VLF - Signature Green (JB?) - Was for sale - Hammer Auto. -> Mountain Ranch,CA
    CA"NOFULEN" Oakland
    SFZRE11B081F00020 WISCONSIN - LAKE GENEVA, WI 53147 ("Grand Geneva Resort has charging")
    SFZRE11B281F00021 CA"6FIY276" Jul 20, 2009 $1051 VLF MENLO PARK, CA 94025 - Signature Green? (JB?)
    SFZRE11B481F00022 [MM] FL"PLUG-1IN" FLORIDA Title 101332190 reg 5/6/2009 RED Delivered Nov 2008 (New 9/2/2008)
    SFZRE11B681F00023 CA"6FIY273" Sep 16, 2009 $1036 VLF - Signature Green? 9/4/2008 Sunnyvale, CA
    SFZRE11B681F00024 [TW} IL"A822416" Very Orange+Black/Orange (Orange steering wheel) (Seen in Chicago?)
    Funky VIN - should have been "SFZRE11B881F00024" Title: 04/27/2009
    FL"AWEI36"- Florida 11-29-2011. Florida title 0107657023
    SFZRE11BX81F00025 [JS] IL"GRNCAR" Signature Green/Cream+Black, Chicago Registered 10/21/2008
    SFZRE11B181F00026 IL"A864200" - Black or Sig Green Title: 02/26/2009 - X9057854023
    SFZRE11B381F00027 CA"6FIY274" Twlight Blue / Black+LtGray (Los Angeles) (Seen @Mahalo) Jun 29, 2009 $1051 VLF (Now in Los Altos, CA)

    Signature 100:
    SFZRE11B981000001 CA"6FIY759" 10/31/2008 California Title. 10/21/2008 - San Francisco, CA
    SFZRE11B081000002 CA"UZVOLTS" Jul 13, 2009 $1,051 VLF [BB] Red/Saddle St.Helena, CA Delivered 9/18/2008
    SFZRE11B281000003 CA"6FIY275" Jul 13, 2009 $1051 VLF 9/17/2008 Palo Alto, CA
    SFZRE11B481000004 CA"6FIY758"-> 10/6/2008->9/16/2011 Marion,IL
    IL"K28 9431" Title: 12/09/2009 - X9343751045
    SFZRE11B681000005 CA"6HTV516" Jun 30, 2009 $1416 VLF
    CA"OOCO2" Jun 14, 2010 $1274 VLF Fusion Red / Brown... [RJ] RLJ327 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
    SFZRE11B881000006 CA"6FIY756" Green SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94118 VLF$1051-Jul22,2009 / 9/24/2008 SF [MW]
    SFZRE11BX81000007 CT"498XBW" NEW YORK, NY 10023 Red/Black Recv't Oct 2008. [BR] Connecticut
    SFZRE11B181000008 CA"6GFG323" 10/23/2008 Los Angeles, CA Black-[GC]
    SFZRE11B381000009 CA"6FIY757" Glacier Blue/Black+White [ Jorg] 10/9/2008 RedwoodCity Aug 11, 2009 $1051 VLF
    SFZRE11BX81000010 BLACK 09/30/2009 SugarLand, TX #07920340072154729
    SFZRE11B181000011 CA"6GFG326" Sep 17, 2009 $1036 VLF 10/22/2008 Beverly Hills, CA

    (Then assembly switches to Menlo Park with 5YJRE... VINs)

    SFZ - Tesla manufacturer string for Hethel, UK built cars
    SFZRE - Roadster Convertible=RE
    SFZRE2 - region code (2 or 3=Europe), 3=UK? 4=AUSTRALIA?, 8=HONG KONG
    SFZRE2B - restraint system type B
    SFZRE2B?- Motor type 1 or 3 (1=Tesla M6B base; 3 = Tesla M6S sport)
    SFZRE2B?? - Check digit
    SFZRE2B??A - 2010
    SFZRE2B??A3 - Factory - Hethel, UK
    SFZRE2B3XA3000001 for EU 2010MY Sport (Red w/carbon fiber) SWEDEN (USA carfax record?) - Crash test car?
    SFZRE2B13A3000002 for EU 2010MY (build 11/8/2009) - Silver
    SFZRE2B15A3000003 for EU 2010MY car - RWE promotion - has Signature plate White
    SFZRE2B32A3000011 for EU 2010MY Sport Orange
    SFZRE2B16A3000012 for EU Fusion Red
    SFZRE2B30A3900017 for EU 2010MY Signature 250 Sport
    18 - Twilight Blue - Norway - Ferdinand
    SFZRE2B35A3000018 if sport
    SFZRE2B17A3000018 if non-sport
    19 - Very Orange - Norway - Ferdinand
    SFZRE2B37A3000019 if sport
    SFZRE2B19A3000019 if non sport
    23 Switzerland, BL Obsidian Black/Black+Gray, CF exterior "LukasS" "
    [email protected]" (for sale)
    24 Black/Black - Norway
    [email protected] (for sale)
    SFZRE2B30A3000024 if sport
    25 White/black Alpine Driver ("MartinS") Sep 2009 Austria Plate "AM-217FD"
    SFZRE2B34A3000026 for EU 2010MY Sport - has Signature plate Yellow
    29 - Thunder Gray - Norway - Ferdinand
    30 - Fusion Red/Black+Gray - "daghb" - Norway - Ferdinand
    SFZRE2B19A3000036 Nesøya, NO 1397
    SFZRE2B32A3000039 SWEDEN
    40 - Thunder Gray - Norway - Ferdinand
    SFZRE2B16A3000043 Zurich, Switzerland
    47 (Michael ) RadiantRed/Black+Red SWITZERLAND, SZ
    SFZRE2B38A3000045 Mosonmagyarovar, HU H9200 -Sport
    SFZRE2B17A3000052 Essen, DE 45128
    SFZRE2B16A3000060 Jona, CH 8645
    61 (Michael8) Black/Black GERMANY
    66 (Johan) -SWEDEN Red w/black interior
    68 (Simonr) SterlingSilver/Gray SWITZERLAND,SZ
    SFZRE2B30A3000069 Nuernberg, DE 90471 -Sport
    SFZRE2B14A3000073 Worrstadt, DE 55286 (DE=Deutschland) Juwi Corp. (White?)
    SFZRE2B15A3000079 London, GB SW15 5JU (Near Roehampton)
    94 Very Orange Sport
    SFZRE2B13A3000095 ObsidianBlack/Black+Gray (Milan) Swiss"TI.131.107" (Bi Wu)
    SFZRE2B31A3000100 London, GB SW7 1EW -Sport (Insane Green?) At Tesla London office
    SFZRE2B16A3000107 White (Milan) I"DT.905DT"
    115 Obsidian Black/Dark Gray... RGB from TMC.
    SFZRE2B38A3000126 Steenwijkerwold, NL 8341 SH -Sport
    SFZRE2B32A3000137 Neckarsulm, DE 74172 -Sport
    140 NL"52-KJS-9" Electric Blue/Black w/Carbon Fiber exterior accents (Rental)
    140 12-1/2009 [AA]
    [email protected]
    SFZRE2B31A3000145 Munich, DE 80331 -Sport
    SFZRE2B14A3000154 2.0 "Signature 250" -Sport, Black was first delivered to Vienna, Austria ( it's in Germany)
    SFZRE3B13A3000183 (build date July9,2010)
    SFZRE3B37A3000222 European Sig 100 -Sport Andrew Bissell ... March, 2010
    SFZRE3B30A1000272 Kevin Sharpe ZerocarbonWorld?
    SFZRE2B12A3000279 Blue (Milan)
    SFZRE2B37A3000280 RUSSIA - Red
    296 Lightning Green+Black/Black - RHD London Demo Sport 2.5
    SFZRE4B38A3000297 Silver - Australia Plate: "BWP58L"
    SFZRE2B33A3000308 Blue (Milan)
    SFZRE4B34A3000331 RedSport - Australia Plate: "BSZ18B"
    SFZRE2B39A3000359 Arctic White -
    [email protected] - Netherlands
    385 Sport 2.5 demo ElectricBlue+Black/Black Munich
    SFZRE2B34A3000396 Lightning Green/carbon (Milan->Copenhagen)
    SFZRE2B11A3000421 Yellow Plate D"EF.EV10" (Milan)
    434 Sport 2.5 Demo ThunderGray+Black/Black Eindhoven
    435 Sport 2.5 Demo ThunderGray+Black/Black Munich
    436 Sport 2.5 Demo VeryOrange+Black/Black Paris
    443 SPort 2.5 TwilightBlue+Black/Black Milan Demo Sport Milan
    454 Lightning Green - Madrid, Spain
    461 Brilliant Yellow+Black/Yellow Eindhoven Demo Sport
    488 Hong Kong - Tetsuos
    491 Brilliant Yellow+Black/Yellow-Milan Demo Sport
    [email protected] Switzerland - Glacier Blue
    [email protected]
    507 twilight blue - France "around the world"
    534 Custom Color+Black/Black - London Demo Sport RHD (Burnt Orange?)
    539 Radiant Red+Black/Black -Vienna Demo Sport
    565 Arctic White+Black/Red - Frankfurt Demo Sport
    567 Fusion Red+Black/Cream - Eindhoven Demo Sport
    SFZRE8B15B3000569 Hong Kong assembled 6, April 2011 in Hethel, UK. Right hand drive.
    580 Radiant Red+Black/Black - Munich Demo Sport
    598 Twilight Blue+Beige/Beige - Paris [ Not a SPORT ]
    603 Thunder Gray+Black [NOT A SPORT] Hong Kong
    608 Obsidian Black+Black/Red - Hamburg Demo Sport
    622 Fusion Red+Black/Red-Copenhagen Demo Sport
    643 Fusion Red+Black/Red-Paris Demo Sport
    652 Roadster 2.5 (non-sport) Black+Black/Red Copenhagen
    667 Custom Color+Black/Black Sport RHD
    671 Custom Color+DarkGray/Light Gray Japan
    672 Arctic White+Black/Black-Munich Demo Sport
    673 Radiant Red+Black/Red SPort 2.5 Demo Geneva
    674 Fusion Red+Black/Red- Munich Sport
    675 Very Orange+Black/Black - Hamburg Sport Demo
    678 Very Orange+Black/Orange - Eindhoven Sport Demo
    681 SterlingSilver+Black - Roadster Sport 2.5 RHD Demo London
    688 Twilight Blue+Beige/Beige - Paris - SPORT - Plouf1er
    SFZRE2B13B3000695 Orange - Seen in Menlo Park
    SFZRE3B11B3000703 Glacier Blue / Australia
    708 Arctic White+Black/Black [NOT SPORT] Munich
    714 Fusion Red+Black/Red Copenhagen Sport Demo
    715 Obsidian Black [NOT SPORT] Copenhagen
    716 Arctic White+Black/Black 2.5 (non-sport) Zurich
    717 foxium Hong Kong
    727 FusionRed+Black/Red
    729 Electric Blue+Gray/Gray Sport 2.5 RHD
    731 Very Orange+Black/Orange Sport 2.5 Demo Frankfurt
    741 Very Orange+Black/Orange Sport 2.5 demo Zurich
    742 Fusion Red+Black/Black Sport 2.5 demo Zurich
    SFZRE3B37B3000769 2.5 Sport Arctic White - Australia
    770 Italy Green
    [email protected] 11th April, 2011 (or is it #570?)
    SFZRE3B17B3000771 Fusion Red Australia
    785 ArcticWhite+Black/Black 2.5 non-sport Copenhagen
    794 Glacier Blue - Alex - Munich, German (non-sport)
    799 ArcticWhite+Black/Black 2.5 Sport Eindhoven
    968 Johann Koeber - Germany (Delivered July 31, 2012)
    1007 Last RHD Build - Simon Hackett Australia
    SFZRE2B33C3001011 3 of Final Four
    1012/2500? (Was told 4/4 has VIN 2500...)
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  7. felixtb

    felixtb RsEU502,Sp+14274,XpEUSig4

    Jan 14, 2011
    Lausanne, CH
    That's impressive!
  8. ecarfan

    ecarfan Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    TEG your list does not appear to include my #425 Very Orange+Black/Orange interior - built in May 2009, now in San Mateo CA
  9. josh-io

    josh-io Member

    Jun 21, 2015
    San Jose, CA
    Hey TEG, quick question, do you know anything about North American Roadster #858? I believe it's a twilight blue Roadster.
  10. TEG

    TEG TMC Moderator

    Aug 20, 2006
    #10 TEG, Oct 10, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2015
    I only gave a list of assembled in Hethel SFZRE cars.
    Many of the EPs, VPs, and Founders' ended up in North America (since USA assembly didn't start until later), but the later SFZRE cars were all being made for Europe/Asia.

    I am keeping my North American 5YJRE list to myself for now.
    So, I didn't include any specifics for North American production from P12 through P1464...

    - - - Updated - - -

    First registered in Mound, Minnesota 8/16/2010
    Twilight Blue with Carbon fiber dash.
    Silver finish forged wheels.
    Black edge sport seats with light gray interior trim.
    Sold 10/18/2012 for $79,900 when it had 3900 miles on the ODO.

    Nice looking car!
  11. ecarfan

    ecarfan Well-Known Member

    Sep 21, 2013
    San Mateo, CA
    TEG, my apologies, I misread your post.
  12. MileHighMotoring

    May 27, 2015
    Parker, CO
    Just curious - why? Do you have a project in mind?

    I love that you have all this info though. Would be such a shame if it didn't exist.
  13. m0rph

    m0rph Member

    Nov 20, 2014
    SFZRE2B14B3000821 Arctic White + Black/Black - 2.5 non sport Belgium
  14. supersnoop

    supersnoop Tesla Roadster #334

    Mar 24, 2014
    I'd assume that much of his information was acquired through methods that prohibit redistribution, or have other legal restrictions.
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  15. MileHighMotoring

    May 27, 2015
    Parker, CO
    I doubt he'd have posted all that data last week if that were true. Just wondering the use of it if not shared.
  16. supersnoop

    supersnoop Tesla Roadster #334

    Mar 24, 2014
    But that was all non-US data.
  17. Jaff

    Jaff Active Member

    Aug 15, 2010
    Grimsby, Canada
    I thought we all agreed that TEG was really a Cray super computer...:confused::wink::smile:

    Thanks again for all of your efforts TEG!
  18. ATC@LWSK

    Nov 17, 2013
    Skopje, Macedonia/Abu Dhabi, UAE
    How about a book by TEG about "The history of Tesla Roadster"?

    Now that would be a nice book to have.... TEG?
  19. MileHighMotoring

    May 27, 2015
    Parker, CO
    +1 Even an e-book / pdf would be fantastic.
  20. TEG

    TEG TMC Moderator

    Aug 20, 2006
    #20 TEG, Oct 14, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2015
    I built up a list by looking at cars I saw in person, in public places, and noting the VIN / color combinations.
    And then even more by noting all the details whenever I saw a for-sale listing on places like eBay, craigslist, auto dealer web sites, etc.
    This is information that basically anyone could have built up if they were equally fanatical, persistent, and willing to spend a ridiculous amount of time doing something of limited value.
    Also, the Roadster VIN sequence is relatively straightforward, so I built a script to generate the VINs (of what I figured were) all possible Roadsters, and did automated web searches on those VINs to find any mention online.
    I suppose that means my list is more complete than it would be for someone who doesn't know how to automate things like that.
    Also, my list is much more complete in North America because of web sites that let you look up the VIN based on license plate number. So, all those web photos including a license plate ended up in my VIN list.

    Special thanks to Carfax for showing how many records they have on file for a VIN. Even if I don't pay to look up the details, I can validate that the VIN is for a real car that got registered by someone in the USA.

    - - - Updated - - -

    No specific project in mind. Still working to update the list, and may just release the whole thing someday. Waiting to see if anyone comes forward and objects to that thought. Send me PM if you think it is a bad idea...

    Already, I am starting to get more and more PMs with people asking me specific questions about specific cars. I try to oblige when I can, but hopefully it doesn't become overwhelming.

    By the way, when Model S came out, and people started work on "VIN decoder", I thought to myself that I would rather use my time on something else, and so just decided to stop after researching Roadster like this.

    Also, I was probably inspired by seeing previous VIN lists on other "exotic" cars like this:
    Deciphering the McLaren F1 VINs - Car Forums and Automotive Chat
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