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Roadtrip - Model S - 75D

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Hi All,
We are planning a road trip

How is the supercharger network, someone might have travel the routes, With a range of 240m do we have supercharges to support the drive (distance apart) OR do I need to pick a different route.
from Frisco to White Sands, you'll have to take I-10. It'll probably be faster anyways being able to go at 85+ mph along that route. Theres no superchargers on US-180.

On your way home you have to go from childress tx supercharger down to I-35.

Best solution is to use a better routeplanner linked above or use your car's navigation system. it'll show you the way you can go.
There is a route planner available at Tesla. It calculates route and supercharger stops based on your actual car model.
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There seems a general consensus among people who have looked at the various trip planners that the one on the Tesla Web site exists primarily to prove the feasibility of long-range travel, and might not be the most accurate for actual trip planning.

Personally I start with one of EV Trip Optimizer (on my iPad) or A Better Route Planner (Web-based). In the past I've used EV Trip Planner (Web-based) although I'm not sure how much it's maintained nowadays. Any one of those should be good enough to get you a rough plan with a route and approximate charging levels (remember you don't need to fill your battery full at every charger, just put in enough energy to get you to your next charger plus some extra "margin" to account for unexpected happenings).

The map on the Tesla Web site showing the superchargers (tesla.com/findus) can give a idea about what routes to take but it doesn't really (IMHO) have enough information to figure out how much to charge at each Supercharger.

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Plugshare is nice because it shows a multitude of charger types. So, if you're in an area without superchargers, you can find destination chargers as well as other brands.
The downside is that you need to know how your car behaves with regards to range. For example, my 70D is supposed to have 240 miles range, but on the interstate at 80mph, it doesn't achieve anywhere near that mileage.
PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You
@bmah I do agree with you.
To plan a long road trip I use a mix of googlemaps (for accuracy on time needed from one place to the other and for the ability to set-up a number of segments) and Tesla's findus for superchargers and destination chargers locations.

I was mentioning Tesla's planner because it is the somewhat "official" tool from Tesla itself.