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Robotaxis and California’s passage of AB 5?

Is Elon’s dream of a Robotaxi network in trouble with California’s passage of AB 5? AB 5 requires ride-share operators to be considered employees rather than independent contractors. If Tesla owners put their car in the robotaxi network are they now ride-share operators the same as Lyft or Uber? They aren’t in the car but they still own the car and are responsible for the car. So will Tesla now be obligated to treat them as employees and provide healthcare?

And who is responsible when there is an injury or an accident? Never mind that Tesla may be liable for workers’ comp, what about the insurance? I can almost guarantee my insurance company, with the policies available now, won’t cover an accident my car was in if no one was driving in the car. And an injured passenger is probably going to sue me, not Tesla since I’m the owner. Tesla could insure all cars in the robotaxi network but that means you couldn’t use your own insurer or you would need two policies.