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Rolling up/down windows bug?

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California driver here that loves driving with all the windows down. I get to my destination and do the quick 1, 2, 3, 4 window-all-the-way-up on the driver's window panel, and routinely find that at least one of the windows does not go up. In all instances, I am 100% sure that the "double click" feel of the two stage button happens.

I feel like a total dumbass saying it, but this has yielded a number of times where I come back to the car and notice that one window was left down while I parked it.
I don't think it's a regulator reset thing; that's more for when the window doesn't go all the way up or down.

I've had this happen too. You rock each switch, but sometimes a window doesn't go up. I think it has to do with the timing of each switch. So I've gotten into the habit of checking visually.
Seen this as well but its nothing that I've noticed in recent sw. If I crack down all 4 windows when I arrive at my destination and quickly do full pull to auto up all the windows it never fails that 1/4 didn't actually go up all they way so I just have to check before exiting the vehicle or do another round of window up before I get out.
I never have a problem when I do them individually/slowly, so I'm wondering if the constraint is actually the denounce/hysteresis of the CAN bus commands.

Yes, or something like that. It's almost like the timer that decides when you've moved into "all the way up" mode only applies to one switch at a time (except I have done pairs and maybe triples before). At least now my windows are tinted so it makes it easier to glance around to ensure they are all up.