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Run Flat Tires for Model 3 - solution for lack of spare tire


May 19, 2019
I've had run flats in prior BMW and Mercedes- they run very stiff (so stiff if you park for 5 days or more- it will hop while driving until the flat spot goes away) that said most of the tire rips I've seen on this forum - will chew up a run flat. (did I mention the stiff ride - so much you would lose a tooth filling from the harshness) - I picked up a MODERN SPARE for the tesla with optional heavy duty jack- comes in a nice bag and all the fixins' - This isn't a 50 mile spare it's a normal type tire so you can keep driving.


Mar 6, 2019
Crystal Lake
To each his own, but i can't figure it out. I have been driving for 40 years and have never changed a flat on the road. Pay for a spare, lose trunk space and range due to extra weight? Pay the price every day, day in and day out? For what??? Without a spare you wait for a tow truck and lose 3 or 4 hours total getting it fixed which you would have to do anyway. Why not just mitigate your risk a bit by purchasing an air compressor to get you to a service center for a slow leak.


I avoid RPMTesla
May 22, 2019
South Padre Island, Tx
Air compressor and a plug kit will typically get you home, you’ll likely trash the tire, but you weren’t stranded. I’ve seen sidewall cuts plugged up with a bunch of plugs that held air long enough to get home (off-road vehicles).

Having had runflats on my BMWs, I wouldn’t go that direction. As a rule runflats are more $$$, louder, heavier, harder, less performance oriented, and the only place where I’m from that will patch runflats is discount tire.


Sep 12, 2018
Palm Beach County Florida
My experience with run flats is, never ever again.

They are expensive, perform poorly in terms of road characteristics, often cannot (or won’t) be repaired where “normal” tires can be put back into service after punctures. Whoever invented them wasn’t doing drivers any favors.

I bought the Tesla inflator with goop, a simple puncture repair kit, and jack pads for my M3. These support plans B, C and D. Plan A is to call Tesla roadside. I don’t care about the foam inside the tire. After plan A, I just want to avoid the risk of being stranded completely with no resources.
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Dec 23, 2018
Encino, CA
I have carried something like this in my trunk for my last 4 cars, including my present Tesla. Yes, it is a standard bicycle air pump. Don't laugh, it works. The gauge seems to be accurate, as it matches the Tesla's PSI reading:

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Feb 22, 2018
Just keep in mind. Run flats are generally heavier tires and this will effect range. IIRC They are generally 2-5 lbs heavier than conventional tires. Just something to think about.
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Nov 9, 2017
San Diego
I've never driven a car with run flats that had good traction and wasn't extra loud.

A fix it kit and road side service is sufficient for me. I had a flat in my 3 and used the kit and compressed to get back on the road. I should have just waited for road side service. At the time I didn't know they just bring you a new loaner wheel but I was back on the road in 20-30 minutes.


May 22, 2019
Loveland, CO
Another vote against run flats. Had them on my Sienna van. I ran over a nail at 500 miles and was told they CANNOT be repaired. The replacement was $325. The tires were loud and very rough riding, and lasted only 20,000 miles. The four new replacements are incredibly quieter and smoother. Also gained an additional mpg with the new tires.


(S85-3/2/13 traded in) X LR: F2611##-3/27/20
Mar 8, 2012
Run flats kill range besides being hard riding. They are not a good solution for lack of a spare. I use a repair kit and compressor. however, in 126K miles (about 50% on trips) the only times I've needed them are around home.


Jul 17, 2019
Irvine, CA
RFTs have been around for a while, and from reading the reviews, Bridgestone DriveGuard RFTs are a new generation of RFTs.

So, I am looking for anyone who has direct experience w/ the DriveGuard RFTs.... Anyone?


Dec 8, 2018
I picked up a MODERN SPARE for the tesla with optional heavy duty jack- comes in a nice bag and all the fixins' - This isn't a 50 mile spare it's a normal type tire so you can keep driving.
Interest piqued! I wish to subscribe to your newsletter, have a link?

This is what I've found, 50mph/80kph speed limited.


Also, where does it fit in the vehicle?

P.S. To OP, it'll be a cold day in hell before I'll drive on RFT by choice. ;)


May 19, 2019
Modern Spare Kit Link:

Tesla Model 3 - Complete Spare Tire Kit w/ Carrying Case | Modern Spare

I don't shop on Ebay (for anything) or have facebook

The tire:

18×4 Aluminum Alloy Wheel With 5×114.3MM Bolt Pattern. Pirelli T135/80/R18 Tire W/81 MPH Speed Rating (112M) – 26.5” Rolling Diameter For Safe Extended Vehicle Use.


I've seen some just flat in trunk- or up (sink in lower trunk to sit upright like an old lincoln continental.

I personally carry the TESLA air pump w/gel
The fix a flat plug kit
A dyno plug kit
Now Modern Spare.

I've never had a flat in all my years of driving, however if you follow me- you know I picked up my M3 in Mt Kisco, NY (to get the full tesla experience) - they were running fast with about 30 deliveries in one day - I noticed a tesla lot guy pulling tags off vehicles with a screw gun (drill w/bits) and I think he was just dropping screws on the ground (I looked at my traded benz and the specific screws (as we have to hold our tags on) all missing and I thought oh lord someones going to need those....but I was too excited about my new M3 that I didn't care-- drove out the lot to make the trek home 280 miles and wasn't 1,000 feet from dealership I had a screw in tire. (back at SC) they quickly added a new tire and while I waited we picked up about 10 screws in the p.lot to maybe save someone else from a scare like I had in a new EV vehicle on delivery day.

moral of this-- be prepared.

p.s. ask me about my off grid living -
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Feb 4, 2013
SF Bay Area, CA
....boy, run flats....I had them on my old Lexus SC430, Sort of reminds me of the restaurant where not only is the food bad, but the portions are small too. They are expensive, heavy, with a limited selection of parameters (noise, tread, traction, LRR, etc, etc)---oh and BTW your tire tech hates to install them because of the stiff sidewall. me, no thanks---been there, done that.
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