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S 70D in white (ex-loaner), ordered today

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Hello :)

I finally did it. After having to hand over my Mercedes GLK 4matic to my wife earlier this week (after she refused to drive her own Mercedes Viano with RWD in the heavy snow fall we had), I had to find a more permanent solution.
After a long weekend in July with a S70D (thanks again Tesla Winterthur) I put in an order but immediately froze it as I had no home charging possibilities yet. That's unfortunately still unchanged, as the planning for the new family home with 30kWp PV is only making slow progress.

After I read about the price change to take place today, I decided to go for a CPO, stock or demo car. Waiting until March 2016 and constantly having to take the Viano through the snow was just not appealing anymore.

So, this morning I went back to Tesla Winterthur to have a quick test with an S70D with coil/steel suspension. All the previous ones I tested had the air suspension, and that's what I would have ordered had I gone for a new one.

My S70D will be the standard white, next gen black seats, black interiour trimmings, piano, pano roof, premium/light package, cold weather package. It has roughly 2500km on the clock and is a VIN in the 86xxx range.
The price difference to a comparable 70D with air suspension (also demo car/ex loaners) would have been 10k as they all had options I didn't care for (like AP, better stereo, cyclone rims, different paint).

I made the deal under the condition to get it delivered before xmas.
I was wondering what you meant by the price change too. Did they let you use a referral code for an additional $1000 off your purchase price?
Unfortunately I made my initial reservation (and also paid CHF 2500.-) before the whole referral code thing was initiated.
I am fine with not getting it, because I would have ordered without a referral anyways. So, I'm cool about it. The end goal is what counts. And giving me a discount when I would have ordered anyways is working against that.