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Safety Score - Probably Will Fail!


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Feb 21, 2021
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I give and am just turning the option to download the beta off. It is not that useful anyway and I just keep getting dinged with false collision warnings on sharp corners with someone coming towards me in the other lane and too aggressive braking due to the full regen.
Regen wouldn’t count as aggressive breaking nice try
Regen wouldn’t count as aggressive breaking nice try
Wrong!. Braking is any force slowing down that exceeds the G-force limits that they've set. Yes, regenerative braking in several circumstances can exceed that G-force limit. I purpose tested it last week and got dinged, yet my foot never touched the brake pedal.

Tried yesterday to leave the 3 seconds of space it demands to avoid a ding for following too closely. Had "Nav on AP on". Took the car 6 miles past the exit I was supposed to get off at before it could find its way over from the fast lane to the slow lane to exit. Also noting that I would not allow it to stop on the freeway and jam up traffic behind me as it kept trying to do. Simply not safe to slow down to 50 MPH in the fast line so it can find a non-existent 20 car gap in the lane next to it. Such openings just do not exist on L.A. freeways.

I've always been one that takes over when approaching slower traffic while in AP because AP slams on the brakes. Maybe Tesla wants to sell more brake pads? So they programmed it to brake late and wear them out. For the first time ever, I actually had brake dust on my wheels I never use the brakes other than in an emergency or to come to a complete stop. But, because if you tap the brakes, you're no longer in AP and you get instantly dinged for following too closely.

So, it's OK for AP to follow too closely and slam on the brakes constantly, but we as drivers get penalized for braking half as hard and following even less closely once we disengage AP.

Such a stupidly ridiculous set of "safety" rules.

Yellow light, no longer take the safe approach. Punch it instead so you don't get dinged. Yeah, that's safer.
Pedestrian jumps in front of you while Jaywalking? Run em over, because if you hit the brakes for them, you'll get dinged! I'm kidding of course, but the point is, its deemed unsafe to slow down, yet not unsafe to speed up.
Can do 100 MPH in a 30 zone, no safety ding.
Now, have to slowdown all traffic behind you when you want to turn right, because that's "safer" than braking later and closer to the corner and taking the corner a little quicker so you don't interfere with traffic flow behind you. Instead, make everyone else hit their brakes for you. Yeah, that's safer too!
Get on a tight canyon road with parked cars and only one lane to get through, get constantly dinged for collision warnings because it thinks I'm going to hit the parked cars. How about only dinging you for a collision warning when immediately followed by hard braking? That way, maybe it really did save you. But all the false warnings, if there's no braking that follows, clearly you weren't going to hit anything.
AP still scares the crap out of me when it takes a 40 MPH curve or interchange. First, slams on the brakes entering the curve, then always, about halfway through, but still fully in the curve, it punches the throttle to get back to the set speed. Is absolutely exceeding the G-Force limit that is deemed Hard Turning, thus if I were to have to take over during this part, instantly get dinging for turning too hard. Again, another double standard. OK for the car to do, but as soon as it screws up and you have to take over for ACTUAL SAFETY reasons, now you get get dinged for the hard braking, too hard turning, following too closely. It sets you up to fail with no consequences to itself, only to the driver's rating.

So friggen annoyed with this thing. Has completely taken the enjoyment out of driving the car "NORMALLY". I've already stated, I'm out the Tesla door next year after 9 years in multiple Tesla's. This is just another reason that contributes to it. About the last chance Tesla has at convincing me otherwise before then is if this FSD function blows me away and becomes a "gotta-have-it" factor. If it drives anything like "Nav on AP" while in FSD mode, not a chance it will appeal to me. But, after having paid for it on three cars already and using AP more than I wanted to, feeling like I needed to "do my part" to contribute to fleet learning, I would at least like to try it before bailing. So have been being compliant for now two weeks. Then Elon delays it more, yet scores don't reset, so what was supposed to be a 7 day safety rating is now, what? 20+ days already and ongoing. Not what I planned on. And truly feel less safe driving within the rules than just driving naturally for L.A. freeways. If I'm not part of the next round, I will jump ship and opt out again. Just can't deal with having to drive this way and feel like I'm being watched all the time. Supposedly, next release goes out Friday. One way or another, that's my last day of putting up with this crap rating system. My score with normal driving will be in the 70's or 80's. At that rate, won't get the update for years anyway, so what's the point?

OK, I'm done venting now!! LOL
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Jul 10, 2019
My worst safety score is on "Hard Braking". I drove 10 miles, and never pressed the brake pedal to stop except once, and it certainly was very easy. It seems the app will ding you for hard regenerative braking? I did go down a long, steep hill towards the river. Never touched the brake, but the regen was slowing me down very well.
If you play with score simulator, hard braking is the most important factor that can damage your score good. 20% of unsafe following with others 0 still give you 100!

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