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Salvaged MS: no sim, no updates, no map, no service (looking for help)

Gotten an early Tesla Model S in Ukraine. :eek:

Its history is not known and previous owners are not available. So it is a total surprise everyday. External temperature is showed as 60*C (140 fahrenheits), heating is working weird, mobile app cannot be connected, climate cannot be controlled.

I can (and probably will) continue with a lot of whines and stories about driving a Tesla in a Third World Country. It's a hard one and will definitely lead me into writing a very funny twitter or a blog.

But for now - I have a favorite car to save. o_O

There's a very small amount of information around the web about handling a Tesla on your own, when you have no guides or professional services around. But most of stuff that was broken is working, batteries are fine, charging works good, power windows fixed, mirror controls fixed, etc, etc.

I want to get inside. And not only fix it but also customise it to be a better car.

Non sorted notes and cries for help:
* Found the M12 connector under left panel of the dashboard. Couldn't find the plug to make a M12-RJ45 connection so I'll be making one of my one. Probably to get into the switch and find Tesla's connected computers.
* People seem to have been into cars SSH. How? Is it Linux? My car is 6.0 firmware - pretty old. And not getting updates at all.
* What about that factory mode? How to get into it?
* Car seem to be locked in some kind of ways, not sure.
* Maps are not available in region. Which is weird coz there's wifi and usual google maps out there?
* 3G is not working, needs to be patched/updated. I assume there's a modem somewhere under the dash.
* Bluetooth connected phone disconnets/reconnects after calls.
* Car totally lacks some winter features: remote heating at least. Also traction is working bad in bad icy conditions. And recuperation should be totally disabled when its very icy - makes you wag the back a lot.

I'm working in gaming and have a lot of UX experience - i totally hope to get inside the car and create a better open-source edition of the UI/UX and Tesla's OS.

Please, tell me if anybody has any success in the described fields? :)
Any communities or activits to connect to?

Please, Help me out. I feel lost and abandoned not salvaged.:(
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Hold your finger on the "T" icon up in top center of the 17" screen display which will present you a rectangle to enter the factory code.
Yeah, i tried that but don't know that code either. Also there's a method when people detach small computer, put a custom plug in it - and it goest into FACTORY mode.

Like this:
HOW he does that?

Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)
Also here some people found a way into dev mode.
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After making the plug I'm gonna try to get into cars PC this way.
su - tesla: Hack the S
But even if i'll get there - there's no information on how Tesla got its updates. I think people already managed to install them manually and i need to know how! Finding out how it gets update downloaded and what it doesn't shouldn't be too tricky - so probably somebody already did a firmware digging and stored it for download?