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San Diego Intervention Needed, My Wife Wants a New ICE

My wife's BMW is coming off lease and she is looking at new cars. She loves BMW, I love Tesla. I think the M3 would be a great car for her but she will not buy without a test drive.

Anyone in San Diego willing to swap their M3 for my P90DL for a few minutes or more? Could be kind of fun for all of us!
I don't know if psychological warfare works in your family?
A couple of round BMW stickers...
Plop one over the steering wheel logo when it is her turn to drive?
Then as she is walking around the car, one on the front. Or on the wheel, etc.

A somewhat less lighthearted approach would be to sit down and watch the Netflix
Dirty Money episode on the whole gassing monkeys/Diesel gate cheating thing.

Honestly i had a neutral opinion about all of it before seeing that show.
Now I would like to see them out of business in the US.

BMW and MB both helped finance that.

Be prepared with pics of cute monkeys.
Put one on the fridge for her to see the next morning.

But honey, what about the monkeys?
I'm taking my car to Monumental Workx tomorrow morning for tint. If you want to meet up beforehand for a short test ride let me know.

I went from an M3 to a Model 3 and it's definitely not as polished as the BMW. Most of my issues will probably be resolved with software updates.
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